A sting went down in Tallahassee, Florida and netted 12 child predators.  The operation called “Cupids Arrow” was set in action by Internet Crimes Against Children.  They have agents that pose as teenagers to catch these predators.

During the online communications some predators stopped communicating with agents.  But when some found out they were children, they became very interested.  These 12 traveled to meet who they thought was a 14 year old girl by the name of Sara, and were promptly arrested.

Once arrested, a high ranking FSU attorney and House page program manager drew the attention of State Senator Lauren Book who is also an advocate for child sexual abuse.

The twelve men arrested include:

Tom Sheldon 38 of Tallahassee

Philip Graham 41 of Live Oak

William Hall 64 of West Palm Beach

Calvin McFarland 21 of Jacksonville

Kyl Johnson 26 of Lake City

Christopher Francis 34 of Tallahassee

Darrel Harvey 48 of Tallahassee

Matthew Carter 33 of Lake Park Georgia

Frantisek Pribyl 47 of Snellville Georgia

Michael Chmielewski of Tallahassee

Dayton Cramer 70 of Tallahassee

James Singletary 53 of Jennings

On another sting the FBI raided an Ohio adoption agency which is alleged to be responsible for child sex trafficking in an international pedophile ring.  An European Adoption Consultants building in Strongsville, Ohio was their target.  They left carrying boxes as well as other evidence.  They had warrants issued by the State Department that said they were involved in abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children.  They also executed a warrant for the founder at his/her home.  They are also being accused of fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent to get the children brought to the United States.

It was also mentioned that this agency was fighting the accusations and had posted information on their website to this affect.  The site has been taken down, maybe in preparation for gathering evidence to take down high level people in Washington, D.C.

I am so glad to see that FBI and other agencies are making progress in getting these monsters behind bars.  It’s not an illness that they have, it’s just plain against the law, and not acceptable in Western society, period.

Sources: Tallahassee Democrat and WUC – News

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