Youtuber Locked Up for His Video? (aka FisherOfMen) Things Are Getting Crazy! 

We have heard that Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi incident blamed the attack on a video made by Nakoula Bassely.  He was a Coptic Christian who was born in Egypt. We now know that the diplomatic mission served as a meeting place to aid rebel led insurgencies.  This is only one case where a video was the cause of someone being locked up.

We have on a number of occasions heard per people’s videos that Intelligence Agencies have been visiting Youtubers homes.  The content in their videos was controversial as far as the intelligence communities were concerned.  Paul Begley, Alex Jones, Dr Common Sense (ET), Clay Bowler who writes a blog, Mark Dice and I am sure there are others.

But the incident I wanted to report about today has to do with a YouTube blogger named  Bryce Matthew Cueller (aka FisherOfMen) who has been arrested for screaming at a video camera while inebriated something about traitors and government.  There was no one that was hurt during this outburst, no victim.  The interesting thing to note is that Interpol located in France are the ones that convinced Las Vegas police to arrest him.  What in the world does Interpol have anything to do with what goes on in the USA?  The media in Las Vegas made him look like a “Christian terrorist.”  Sound like to me this whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

In this video which I have posted at the bottom, friends of Bryce’s are asking for our help.  Within the video is a letter and case number.  They would like for us to write the judge who is in charge of his case to ask for leniency.  His hearing is March 2, 2017.  He has a following on his YouTube channel of 186,150.  We need to write an encouraging letter to Bryce also, letting him know he has people who care.  His address at the jail is also in the video.  [VIDEO]

Illuminati FBI Targeting FisherOfMen [VIDEO]

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