Chelsea Clinton to Run for Political Office? πŸ˜‚

Blog: February 23, 2017

I believe it’s the Democrats wishing she would run! But, will she?  Her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton are still being investigated for numerous possible criminal activities.  You mean to tell me she has a good chance of winning any political seat?  I don’t think so.  Moving on…

She had speaking engagements where she was paid $75,000 to speak about the notorious Clinton Foundation (CF).  The Foundation was known as the Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Foundation.  You can’t tell me she did not know that pay for play was going on en masse.  She’s just as guilty as her parents which is another reason she shouldn’t run for Political Office.

So, then Chelsea turns around and sends a tweet to try to implicate President Trump in pay for play or some type of “Russia Did It” kind of stuff:

Which absolutely proves nothing.  Many politicians, news media, and foreign parties have golfed with many Presidents.  President Washington was well known for entertaining foreign dignitaries at Mount Vernon when he was President.  I find it funny that she puts her foot in her mouth every time she tweets.  Something the left doesn’t seem to fathom, since business can be discussed during these times of relaxation, it just spills over.  Doesn’t mean it’s pay for play or Russian interference, or any other nefarious reason. The tweet was kind of like pulling the rabbit out of the hat, but the rabbit was a big πŸ’₯boom which backfired on her again, not well thought out on her part.

She could run, but there is to much scandal surrounding the family that will never go away.  The fact that she left a special correspondents position at NBC News to work for the notorious CF, ask yourself why?  When she was working for NBC she was making $600,000.  One who is just starting out and making that much?  Not to bad except she was voted as the most boring people of her era.  Oops, that’s not good!  How hard did she work while in that position, REALLY?  She has had a total of 6 jobs already, she is now in her middle thirties.  She taught graduate classes at Columbia University and worked for New York University.  Started working at a consultant firm, McKinsey and Company and moved on to hedge funds with Avenue Capital Group.  She was a special correspondent for NBC New, and her latest position as Vice Chairman with her mother and fathers foundation.  That’s a lot of jobs!  Does she stick with one job long enough?  Again just another Clinton that thinks a position should be handed to her for being a CLINTON.  What has she accomplished?  NOTE: The CF Global Initiative in New York closed down amid FBI, New York still investigating.  That doesn’t look good for her either.

It is well known that Chelsea has a volcanic temper, much like her mother.  Her outrageous behavior at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign office, which led many workers to quitting and joining Bernie Sanders campaign.  Shortly after that she wasn’t seen very much.  Maybe in part due to Huma Abedine being her mothers number one who she often relied on.  It also has been noted that several workers quit the CF when Chelsea became the Vice Chairman in 2011.

So, everywhere Chelsea goes there are upheavals and workers quitting.  As a politician she needs to be able to get along with everyone to be able to succeed, while still standing her ground. She doesn’t know anything about negotiating to get the desired results, as proven by staffers leaving.

The Clinton family sticks together through thick and thin.  Chelsea will never be able to distance herself from the ever surfacing corruption her and her family have been implicated in.  Remove one and they would all fall.  That is happening right now, Hillary will eventually have to face the courts to explain, and if she pleads the fifth, well, that should be a dead giveaway! As well as the evidence is overwhelming.

If Chelsea were to run in the next congressional race for New York, she would lose only if the Democratic Party were to actually dissolve.  New York is now, of course a red state.  Then again smart analysts having been warning for years that the Democratic party was on its last leg.  With Hillary Clinton’s loss, that makes it even more  evident.

Chelsea’s party platform would have to be different from her mother’s.  I just can’t ever see her not wanting the same policies her mother pushed for, basically a New World Order, one in which there would be free trade like NAFTA…She would just be continuing in her mothers footsteps.

If New Yorkers are dumb enough to elect another Clinton, they all need their heads examined.  Neither here nor there, but if I lived permanently in New York, she wouldn’t get my vote! Period!

Thanks to the Clinton’s and Obama’s we are a divided nation with many divisions between state’s citizenry in respect to race, religion and ideas facing immigration/refugees. I have never before seen such ugliness in an election as 11/2016. Hopefully, our President can win over many more with his steadfast traversing through these dark waters ahead, turning the USA into one great nation LOVED BY ALL AMERICANS.


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