MSM Would Like People To Believe Our POTUS (TRUMP) Is An Ineffective President πŸ™„

Problem is, he isn’t ineffective!  On the contrary, he has made big strides into getting our nation turned around.  MSM is just trying their proven tactic of brainwashing the multitudes.  It isn’t working, we have exposed their ineffective ways of controlling what we as Americans, watch and listen to.

When Washington Post, for instance puts out articles to undermine what the Trump Administration is doing to Make America Great Again, more and more people are not buying their propaganda.  Most people are awake and vigilant to what is going on.

Reports from Washington Post and reported on a video by Ring of Fire πŸ”₯ click on his links in video, you will see direct to Washington Post Stats that Trump can’t go one day without lying to the American people, this is just one false/fake report, that is definitely not true.  They apparently have their own fact checking!  The one item that WAPO mentions the most is about immigration.  Trump has never been misleading in anyway about the proposed Travel Ban.  What I find most interesting is that they have no evidence whatsoever when these claims were made.  We all listened to Sean Spicer, and read Trump’s executive order.  How can you lie about that???

Seems very obvious that they are grasping at straws.  The Liberals/Democrats and WAPO are going down without a life preserver!  The WAPO and Huffington Post will never change.

The Gateway Pundit reported that traffic to three news sites, New York Times, Washington Post and London Guardian were reporting mass amounts of new subscribers.  But what they didn’t tell you, most of the new subscribers were coming from China.  Yeah, ain’t that something?  Being truthful?  I think not!  This is just more evidence that Trump is actually on top, so don’t believe anything to the contrary. His administration is doing fine. He has many Americans who trust him to run the USA.

With President Trump calling out CNN, as evidenced below, calling them fake news, this may be the turning point.  Maybe, they might get on board to help the Trump administration by TRUTHFULLY REPORTING, will be interesting to see.


Donald Trump went further on an occasion while playing golf, to call out or give them a much needed “time out.”  This might of changed their liberal big headed minds into playing fair!  Donald Trump Banished the Liberal Media While He Played Golf.

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