Water Crisis! Why Don’t Californian’s Use Water Already in The Air?

February25, 2017
The drought in southern California has lessened a bit by the recent rains which brought 6-10 inches of rain, with wind gusts of 70 mph, which hit the pacific coast including Oregon and Washington.  
The above graphs are a difference of about a week, and it does look like the drought situation in Southern California is getting a little better, for now at least.  But their future may still be bleak, depending of course on precipitation amounts in the future.

I think States that are experiencing tough droughts should definitely explore other ways to get drinking water and water to bath instead of using municipal water. There are other ways to collect water for drought zones that if applied, at least by communities, could enable them to have enough water for drinking, bathing.  I don’t know why they don’t use them. It’s called an air well which is a structure that collects water from condensation in the air.  California for example (as shown in graph below) has high humidity in the mornings. Graph is from currentresults.com.

The idea of an air well which does not rely on electrical means for distracting water from the air would be a good approach for off grid preppers too.  It would be an excellent source of water as well as collecting rain water in barrels.

There is a company called Skywell that sells water collecting machines, it stresses that it is a simpler and greener way to collect water.  Eliminating the waste that plastic bottles have on our ecosystem since it’s harder to recycle.  Most of the plastic bottles recycled cannot/should not go back into more bottles since they are never pure or consistent as they once were. This would eliminate more needs for huge water coolers in home or office.

Instead of blaming it on climate change, why not tap into other resources that are already there in our very air?

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