Hallelujah! Hillary Clinton Will Be Toast!

February 26, 2017
I hope this is true, a report is circulating that our President Trump secretly signed an executive order to alleviate any possibility that Clinton or her cronies can plead the 5th and walk free.  

Under EO 143hrc50839 Hillary will definitely go to jail, off USA soil, Guantanamo?  With over 80% of Americans saying she has done unspeakable, heinous crimes, along with treason,  she will go to jail probably for the rest of her life or worse the death penalty.  This amount of Americans calling for her arrest is enough under the EO to arrest and jail her without trial.

EO READS: “Wherein a defendant has been deemed guilty in the court of public opinion and convicted by polls of greater than thirty percent of their peers, the right to due process will be suspended and the defendant treated as an enemy combatant to the United States, subject to be held indefinitely without legal council or trial in a military base outside of sovereign US soil.”  “Steve Bannon, has assured us that this power would not apply to high-priority political opponents and not average citizens unless circumstances change,” as reported by usapoliticsnow.com

I am so glad to see we finally have a President who is standing up for what is right, and just. 

sources:   http://usapoliticsnow.com/breaking-trump-just-made-sure-hillary-clinton-will-go-jail/

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