What Andrew Breitbart Knew, and Tried Desperately to Stop

February 25, 2017
Just A Little Background:
Andrew Breitbart founded Breitbart.com in 2005 and later BigHollywood.com, BigGivernment.com, BigJournalism.com and other sites. His columns were a lot like the conservative news or alternative news we read today.  Before founding Breitbart he worked for the Drudge Report.

He uncovered many stories as well as the Anthony Weiner scandal.  He said Weiner was sending lewd photos to women.  As we found out later, Weiner was sending photos.  Which he later admitted, and resigned his positional as New York Congressman.

Project Veritas and Andrew Breitbart worked together in 2009, when asking ACORN to help them set up a prostitution house of underaged El Salvadorian girls, thus exposing ACORN.  On February 4,2011 Breitbart tweeted “How pro guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover upper defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”

Breitbart mysteriously dies of a heart attack at 43, on March 1, 2012, just days before he was to release a video that would of had irreparable damage to then President Obama’s reelection as reported by truthfeed.com and Infowars.com. This video feed had evidence of Obama planning to start a revolution in the USA. It aired after Breitbart’s death.

There was a “Blog Bash” going on at the time around February 9, and Breitbart had said to Lawrence Sinclair of Sinclair News “Wait till they see what happens March 1st.” So, it doesn’t take much of rocket science to link that all together.

The coroner who was investigating his death Michael Cormier, 61 died within hours of releasing his preliminary report. When Las Angeles reporters with KABC news spoke with investigators for LA police, they said that the doctors who tried to treat Cormier said they believe he may have died of suspicious causes.


Since Breitbart’s Death:


As much as Andrew Breitbart worked hard to uncover pedophilia around the world, we can’t let him of died for nothing.  We have to keep investigating PIZZAGATE for the children!  Lee Stranahan who is an author at Breitbart, he is now saying that “PIZZAGATE is a crock of shit.”  I am totally disgusted with this man. Here is the (VIDEO) where he talks about PIZZAGATE.  Ask yourself this, why would Wikileaks have given us so much information leading up to PIZZAGATE if there wasn’t something to it?  Why are there pedophilia logos on some of the pizza shops like Comet Pizza, and Besta Pizza and what about Comet Ping Pong Pizza’s pentagram?  This isn’t normal.


A Little Bit of Information About Lee Stranahan:


Lee Stranahan has his own page called Lee Stranahan Politics, Culture, Life and Stuff (leestranahan.com).  He also has been busted by breitbartunmasked.com as a scammer.  The insert below is from breitbartunmasked.com:


The man who was suppose to get some course materials for learning Digital Fusion from Lee, that he paid for, never received them.  You can read the post HERE.

Now when I found out about the scam I asked myself, who am I going to believe when it comes to PIZZAGATE?  Lee Stranahan or Alex Jones?  Well, that wasn’t a hard question to answer.

Alex from Infowars.com may yell and get upset on his show, but that is understandable to me.  He is upset! Especially about the PIZZAGATE Pedophilia rings that get away with their criminality.  Why wouldn’t someone want to investigate PIZZAGATE since it involves children?  To hush it up and not talk about it is to except it and move on.  If thats the case, I chose to stand up for the children, something is definitely not right to just let it go.




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