John McCain Is No Better Than Hillary Clinton

John McCain has definite ties to the McCain Institute, which accepts donations from foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia.  He maintains that this institute is in his name only, which in no way possible ties him to it.  Sorry, that just doesn’t fly with me and it shouldn’t with our Senate.

His institute was founded in December, 2012.  Its first donation was in the amount of $8.7M in unused funds from his 2008 Presidential Campaign.  That right there is an endorsement from him to this Institute.

When a politician is running for President of the United States, he or she must not have donations from foreign entities.  As long as the donations are nonprofit, there is no restriction. There should be laws against any foreign donations whether nonprofit or not, it shouldn’t matter, since this could influence decisions these politicians make, and I am sure it has.

Clearly Hillary Clinton’s Foundation was not a nonprofit organization.  Senator McCain stands firm in that he has nothing to do with McCain Institute, stating “I’m proud that this Institute is named after me, but I have nothing to do with it, except that they use my name like the Goldwater Institute uses Goldwater’s name.”

Now, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia gave $1M in 2014 according to tax records.  Hmmm, now Saudi Arabia stands behind Sharia, and selling of sex slaves. That sounds very odd that this Institute would accept money from them since the McCain Institute runs an internship program which speaks out about issues on human trafficking. Something just doesn’t sit well with me right there! Also, how in the world can these politicians be worth millions????  Something just isn’t right.  According to Celebrity Networth, John McCain is worth about $16M, and his wife Cindy is worth over $100M.

Is his McCain Institute a money laundering operation since the institute has only donated $500,000 to said cause?  See for yourself:  John McCain’s Great American Betrayal Called The “McCain Institute”


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