So Now The Pope Is Backing Depopulation Of The Western World – God Help Us!

March 4, 2017
For almost thirty five years China had a one child policy.  First introduced in 1979. Causing many Chinese to consider abortion until they were pregnant with a boy.  By restricting population they believed it would help their economic growth.  For those that refused to obey this policy there were fines sometimes larger than their normal annual income.  This policy prevented over 400M births which was reported in March 2013.  This number includes sterilization and IUD’s.  Some of these women were threatened with job loss, personal harm, and forced abortions. 

In January of 2014, China began relaxing said policy, allowing two children per family, if the first child was a girl.

Since then China has acknowledged that the one child policy was a failure.  Since the children would not be entering the workforces until 2035, and the aging population over a span of 20 years would cause the tax revenue from income tax to shrink considerably.  

We know from history that forced depopulation just does not work.  Now Pope Francis wants the Western world to adopt the failed practice.  During a Biological Extinction Conference held earlier in the week being presented by environmentalist Peter Raven, he tried to get the Pontiff’s decree to be accepted.  But it was met with extreme hostility by the senior Catholics in the Vatican.

In this case it is believed that the Pontiff’s decree will not be upheld by Catholics all around the world.  History has always showed failures that do not work are not worth exploring further, even though they still try to push for their depopulation agenda which was talked about in Agenda 2030.

Since the USA has a new President Trump who makes no bones about being an America First president, against the New World Order.  We still have a number of high political figures such as the Pontiff trying to exploit the New World Order.  We must continue to be vigilant and stand our ground on these horrible policies they are trying desperately to enforce.

With Bill Gates publicly admitting that vaccines could be used for depopulation and more information like the Vatican conference that recently has been exposed, I believe they will keep trying to depopulate the world.  Another interesting question to ask yourselves, why aren’t they talking about the Middle East?  It is known that they have an agenda of over populating the west to become Muslim countries.  

The problem is not with Western countries as much as it with the Middle East.  The U.S. government brings in illegal refugees from Mexico, and the Middle East which is adding to our population drastically, here and abroad countries such as Germany, France are experiencing overpopulation by adults, not to mention children at a time of extreme economical failures.

Americans should be able to have as many children that they want.  They know there are many forms of birth control, besides abortion that should be exercised by themselves and only themselves.  They should not be dictated to, not by the government or anyone else.

In conclusion I am thinking, will governments put something in our drinking water that would potentially make one sterile?  It’s not a far off question to ask.

Remember Obama’s science czar, he actually wrote a book about depopulation through extreme totalitarian measures.  A very interesting article to read about John Holdren. HERE.  We must never let the shadow government of Obama take over again!

One thought on “So Now The Pope Is Backing Depopulation Of The Western World – God Help Us!

  1. I wouldn’t put it past the libs to try to regulate population but at least for now we have President Trump at the wheel.
    If we can keep the radical libs at bay, we can keep our nation on a steady course for our population.
    Seems like most Americans have between 2-3 children overall so there should be no reason to regulate the population and as long as we live by out Constitution, we will be safe from any attempts to change our ways!!!

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