More Illegal Aliens were Found That Voted In The Supposed Red State Of Virginia

March 5, 2017
As reported in the Washington Free Beacon , the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF)  out of Indiana, upon ascertaining the extent of illegals who voted in Virginia found more than 1,000 illegal voters on the rolls of at least 8 counties.  

When the PILF group tried to get voter information from Chesterfield county and the city of Manassas, they wouldn’t surrender their voter information.  They took them to court to get said information.  

A bill ensued in congress that would require information to be disclosed of eligible voters versus ineligible voters.  Guess who vetoed the bill Virginia?  Governor Terri McAuliff!

The illegal voters were removed from the rolls after the election of 2016, and none of the illegal voters were referred to prosecutors!!

This is an absolute abomination of the system!

PILF’s updated list of illegal voters in Virginia will be released in the near future.

I am sure if California is looked into they will find many illegal aliens voted there as well.  Strange that none of the main stream media is reporting on this since Virginia is so close to Washington, D.C.  It’s not like they are in some remote area!

🤔Maybe Virginia was actually a blue state?

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