MARCH 6, 2017

Well, it looks like some good sleuthing from Ron Johnson, who is the first to report this news, has been accomplished!  

There is PROOF that Hillary Clinton framed our President for a FISA wire tap, others being implicated are Governor McCauliff of Virginia, Evans McMullin, Senator John McCain and Comey….

Not News worthy but this is strange indeed 

Was checking her supposed tweet about wiretapping, which by the way I couldn’t find on her timeline, then I saw the 666.

Hillary Clinton tweeted on March 5, 2017:

The above tweet (which I found on the internet since she has deleted it from her timeline) was the day before it was uncovered by Ron Johnson.  Now we know who was behind the fake server which of course was Evan McMullins daughter not the Trump Organization at all.  Was Hillary trying again to coverup her being a part of the framing of Trump?


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