Facebook is Banning Vault 7 and Sabatoging Julian Assange Speech on Facebook

March 7, 2017

Today Julian Assange was to speak through a live feed on Facebook about Vault 7 (YEAR ZERO).  If and when it is to be rescheduled, I don’t know.  The feed was hacked as reported by the Mirror and Zero Hedge.  We need to dump Facebook stocks, ban Facebook and better yet delete Facebook.  Folks, Mark Zuckerburg is working with the globalists.  He proves this when he blocks any and all of President Trump’s speeches as well as banning users from posting information about Vault 7 among other news about our President.
Anyone who has a brain can see what the liberals are cooking up.  Total nazi warfare to keep us dumbed down!  By blocking, banning, eliminating the truth, most won’t know what happened when they strike until its to late.  There is an ongoing coup, no doubt about it.

Today when listening to Infowars, Alex Jone’s live feed he brought up that censoring videos has not been accomplished by Google, YouTube, Facebook YET!  But you can bet they are working on it.  Well, they can censor the publisher by either not referencing their channel when searching the web.  This usually is accomplished only if you have a small audience which probably isn’t worth censoring anyway.  The large audience that Infowars has probably wouldn’t be affected unless they terminated Alex’s user status completely.  

There are many countries that censor YouTube all together, those being China, Iran and North Korea.  There are at least 21 other countries who have also had a history of YouTube censoring.  I don’t know about how most of you feel, but as far as I am concerned this is a totalitarian way to run a country and I want nothing to do with it.  We as Americans have a constitution with free speech and Zuckerburg is violating it.  So, why would anyone liberal or conservative want to stay on Facebook.  Hey, Liberals the tables could turn, how would you like to be censored?

Below Excerpt taken from ZERO HEDGE on WIKILEAKS:

“Wikileaks had previously announced that it would hold an 8am Eastern press conference, as part of the unveiling.

ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks press conference in under five hours at 8am ET / 1pm UTC / 14:00 CET. Streamed live. #askWL
— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) March 7, 2017

However, there appeared to have been some complications, with Wikileaks tweeting that “the press conference is under attack: Facebook+Periscope video used by WikiLeaks’ editor Julian Assange have been attacked. Activating contingency plans”

Since Alex Jones at INFOWARS is worried about censoring, he has asked us all to copy and distribute his videos to get this information out there:  The below video was a live streaming 3/7/2017:

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