Why Wasn’t The Titanic Christened?

March 8, 2017



I am going to begin to tell you a little bit of information about both ships the RMS Titanic and the RMS Olympic.  They first of all were sister ships, both identical except for Titanic’s forward “A” deck which was enclosed with windows, the Olympic’s forward “A” deck was open.  Olympic’s wing caps were even with the side of the bridge and Titanic’s wing caps were extended over the side for a better viewing experience.  Olympic had a “B” deck that was an enclosed promenade just below open “A” deck. On the Titanic the “B” deck was incorporated into first class cabins. There were differences inside both ships, but it’s important to understand the difference on the outside of both ships, because from there you will understand why I believe RMS Titanic was never Christened.

The Olympic on her fifth Atlantic voyage, departed Southampton on September 20, 1911.  As she was reaching West Bramble Buoy she turned to port sounding her horn twice, increasing her speed.  A cruiser HMS Hawke was attempting to head down the same stretch of path, but there was not enough room for both ships.  Hawke’s Commander tried to alter his position by 5 degrees, but this was still not enough.  Both ships collided.  Olympic sustained severe damage to her side and propeller.

It took two weeks to repair the Olympic, and the propeller from the Titanic was used to replace the damaged part of the Olympic.  She had a permanent 2 degree list to port, caused by a bent keel that could not be corrected without building half of the ship over again, which became a big cost factor if she were to be rebuilt.  Important to note that the propeller has a number on it (401) which is of great importance, as you will read.

There have been many underwater expeditions  done over the span of time since the Titanic went down on April 15, 1912.  But, the most important expedition was carried out in 1986 by Dr. Robert Ballard, French Oceanographic Institute.  The pictures that they obtained at the bottom where the wreck was, revealed part of a propeller number still visible (01).  Also, the letters where Titanic’s name plate was, revealed iron letters that were apparently riveted over something. Upon closer look two letters had fallen away and what was showing were the letters “M & P.”  This right there was proof that the Titanic was switched with the Olympic.

Why would they want to switch the ships?  It probably had something to do with insurance from Loyds Maritime that was paid out in the amount of 12 1/2 million.  after the Titanic sank.  Then again, did they plan this whole thing out?  Also, important to note that Loyds Maritime Insurance was increased on the Titanic 5 days before the maiden voyage, keep in mind the switching to keep the company operational. It cost approximately 7.5 million to build the Olympic.  They knew the Olympic was damaged from the collision beyond just making small repairs. The Hawke collision was a financial disaster.  White Star Lines was forced to pay costly legal defense as well as for the major repairs. It would not of been a good cost/loss ratio to have to rebuild her, so they patched her up.  When it came time to have her assessed for seaworthiness after the repairs, they were actually inspecting the Titanic which they thought was the Olympic.  That was the first switch and it worked beautifully!

Further proof:  Lawrence Beesley and several other surviving passengers said that the Titanic seemed to have a slight list to the port.  Evidence of said claim by the (US Inquiry) for the sinking of the Titanic.

When the Olympic was built it had a grey undercoating underneath the black paint.  The Titanic did not have the grey undercoating.  This is another discovery that Dr. Ballard made. When they were photographing the wreck they noticed the black paint was peeling, and underneath their was that grey undercoating.

So, in conclusion with all we know about both of these ships, the one thing I know for sure is that all ships have a Christening upon their first voyage.  When the Titanic was released on her first maiden voyage, if you remember, she wasn’t Christened.  This to me is further proof those ships were switched.  A ship that isn’t Christened, isn’t making its first voyage.  Because after all, it was the Olympic who took Titanic’s place in history.



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