Obama Is On the Run…

March 17, 2017

As most of America is aware there was a big drug bust concerning a fishing vessel named Lady Michelle, in which 4.2 tonnes of cocaine were seized off South America.  But, what you don’t know is that Barrack is in France (Polynesia) evading questions regarding a potential link to this drug bust.

Obama met with his lawyers in New York City, then went to Nebraska to meet with Warren Buffet. Then onto California to meet with tech titans.  Finally, flying to Hawaii to say goodbye to his family and possibly to talk with Judge Derrick Watson concerning President Trumps Travel Ban. Important to note that France does not extradite. Also interesting to note that Hillary Clinton is now cooperating with the Trump Administration after being interviewed last week by FBI.  Jeff Sessions, it is said, has sided with Clinton in a US Federal Court to not pursue anymore emails from her.

As noted by whatdoesitmean.com, the meeting Obama had with Buffet could be directed towards pricking the biggest bubble in the Federal Reserve, thus collapsing the entire US Stock Market.

As we are being warned by many economists like totalwealthresearch.com, that a collapse is forthcoming, soon.  It is not without warrant that Buffet and Obama could be up to something drastically, devastating to USA economy.

With a collapsing economy it would become much easier for the coup which is being planned by the deep state.  President Trump then most likely would declare “Martial Law.”  Giving him control over everything within the USA.

What does Obama really have to lose if he is planning a deep state coup, which could still be run from France.  Well, he has nothing to lose since he’s not an American citizen himself, as proved over and over again.  Most recently with his real birth certificate that appeared in a tweet from Malik Obama, his half brother.

It’s also been known that Stanley Ann Dunham is not Barrack’s real mother.  It is also widely known that her social security number is fraudulent. In June 2013, John Gaultier posted a photo that proved it was fraudulent. You can read more with this link Here.

It also seems that citizens of France have been wanting Obama to run for President, with a change.org petition which has only 1,219 supporters as of this writing. It is said that it only started as a joke, but who knows what he has up his sleeves. I believe this is the second time he has visited France since President Trump’s inauguration.



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