Back In Time To Trumps Rallies – Sometimes Brutal [UPDATE]

March 17, 2017

Do you remember when a picture went viral of a true blue Trump Supporter who was viciously pelted with eggs?  

As reported by (Jim Stinson) citizens in California ranging in age from teens to their 70’s were brutally assaulted.  The police did make a pathway to keep protesters at bay, but as they rounded a corner they were assaulted, like lambs being led to the slaughter. Most ducked into buildings to get away, but two of the victims were not so lucky.  The woman who was cornered and pelted with eggs trying to get into the building, with no luck, and a man who curled up into a fetal position after having his nose broken. This I remember to well and thought to myself, they would never make this right and bring it to trial. 

A very compassionate attorney, Harmett Dhillon took on the case pro bono, each time they had to appear before a judge the cost kept on going up and up.  Dhillon’s law firm amassed large bills, at which time a gofundme page was created to help them.

The court has refused to toss out the federal lawsuit against the city of San Jose in which police did nothing to stop the violence. Some of the civil rights claims were dismissed, but the federal civil rights claim remained as well as the claim for negligence against the city.

You will be happy to know that Wednesday a judge refused to throw the claims out.

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