Facebook and Associated Press – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

March 18, 2017


Well, first thing I see when looking at my twitter page today is this very clear choice of #FAKENEWS which just turned my stomach.  @RepFunder is correct when saying these sites are trying to rewrite history.

But, it’s not funny anymore to me.  I am actually getting tired of it.  In the leftists pursuit for truth, looking more like a comic out of the funny papers, dog chasing its own tail, has demonstrably failed again! Guess we owe Mark Zuckerburg a slap on the back for that one, NOT.

To set the record straight, if you ask old timers, they will tell you the Irish Trade as well as the African Trade existed. Very sad times in early American history, but a fact that shall not be forgotten, nor put aside, because we never want to repeat that history.

It would be nice to color history with a glossed over, rosey color, but we must never forget the brutal things that have been perpetrated on mankind.  Just like the human/child trafficking that the leftists/liberals would like you to think don’t exist.

During the 2016 Presidential election, Facebook became angry, as they blamed President Trump’s win on what they like to refer to as fake news.  That is laughable!  Just because these tech giants opened a Pandora’s box when extending social media beyond millions…now, because it didn’t work their way or benefit them, all bets are off so to speak.  NO, I say NO, it doesn’t work that way. The internet and social media has opened up a gateway for millions to open a dialogue and make their own conclusions. Whether one influences other people or not, the point is that it is our God given right to free speech/writing.

Mark Zuckerburg to save face after the election has said “Over all, this makes it extremely unlikely hoaxes changed the outcome of this election in one direction or the other.” 🤔 Well, Mark, yes it does and folks he knows it. 

According to the New York Times writers Nick Wingfield, Mike Issac, and Katie Benner, Facebook has for years reminded us how it changed people’s views to help influence Democratic moves like areas of the Middle East.  It tells its advertisers that it can help sway its users with ads.  So, just because the right WON ONE they get all bent out of shape.

To check on the Irish 🍀 Trade of humans a good site is Rasta Livewire’s HERE.  

All I have to say to the Assiciated Press and Facebook, Google, and let’s not forget snopes.com is to TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!


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