No, President Trump is Not Resigning, No Matter What the Societal Depressors Think

March 18, 2017


Circulating and making its rounds is another #FAKENEWS story that President Trump will resign, being spread by Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein. She is going even a step further to spread this bag full of lies by addressing a group of protesters with what looks like a press pool of reporters.

Part 4 of Q&A. A protester asked “how do we get Trump out” @SenFeinstein responds: “I think he is going to get himself out.”
— Javier Panzar (@jpanzar) March 17, 2017

As we all know, Donald J Trump never quits, he knuckles down and always presses on to get things done. Sad, to note that she is spreading untruths and out and out lies.

Our President has to contend constantly with idiots like her and Nancy Pelosi, the list goes on…But make no mistake that President Trump has so many supporters both in Congress and the Senate. The Liberals will never get a leadership in our America ever again, pushing their global agenda, never dealing with child trafficking, dishonest appropriations of monies to fund illegal activities. 

In closing, I believe that people like Feinstein and Pelosi who are actually depressors of our society, will themselves resign due to America’s lack of interest in their continued manic ravings and rhetoric. Democratic/Liberals, America isn’t listening!  We took the red pill not the blue pill 


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