Angela Merkel Grimaced For A Reason – It’s Called Terrorism

March 18, 2017




Every article I read lately since the Chancellor of Germany has come to the United States to meet with our President, is critiquing how she reacted to the President’s term “radical Islamic terrorism.”

What our President said brought about the grimace as one would get when an unpleasant thought is brought forth (pain).  I believe she was not reacting to the term at all, but the definite problem that she acknowledges exists in her country.  She defends asylum policies on one hand, but on the other she admits they are at war with the Islamic State, as are we.  She also is calling for an “early warning system”  of sorts, to weed out potential radicals.  This warning system is what she and our President have in common.  They both want their citizens to be safe.

She has made mistakes with the welcome-mat she previously had laid out for them, but she does realize it was a big mistake.  Both Merkel and Trump, I am sure will sit down behind closed doors and come up with some type of early warning system that will help each of our countries.

If America is under the assumption that we will never take asylum seekers, you are very wrong.  America has always helped countries who were fleeing war torn areas.  We will continue to help.  We have to put our heads together, along with our allies and figure this early warning system out.  This was the reason for the temporary Travel Ban.  President Trump has never said that he doesn’t want to help asylum seekers.  He wants to be able to do it with the security and safety of the citizens first, as he always stated during his campaign.  If it is found that it can’t be done safely, I am sure that he would most likely set up camps in their homelands, protected by US troops.

As reported in an article written by the Premium Times, Angela Merkel herself has used the term “Islamist terror” as part of a list of threats against which she is battling.  This term was used when she was speaking during a conference with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, where many journalists were present.  Erdogan was very upset when she used the term and stated “the expression Islamist terrorism seriously hurts us Muslims.”  He went further to state “Islam and terror have nothing to do with each other.”  “The meaning of the word Islam means peace.”  Angela rebuffed his comment by saying “there is a difference between the terms Islam and Islamist,” insisting: “We do everything possible to let Muslims in Germany live their religion freely.”

Bottom line is that both Trump and Merkel acknowledge whatever you want to call it, it’s “terrorism,” this they both agree on.  To much ado about wording that has been used since the Obama Administration, mincing words/political correctness is ridiculous.







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