Children and Young Women Who Become Victims of Pedophilia/Sex Trafficking – My Friend Recalls of Such….

March 18, 2017

I needed to get this story out with permission, for the children. This story is not as bad as what we hear about, such as the satanic worshipping and sacrificing of children. But, still every child in America and around the world deserve a safe environment where they don’t become victims of anything that could potentially affect their minds and bodies for the rest of their lives. Child pedophilia and child/young women trafficking is rampant and this is nothing new.  This is the first time in my lifetime that I have seen so many women and men that have had enough and want something done to stop this. NO MORE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY! These incidents I am going to relay are from the 1970’s from a very close personal friend whom I will not name.
Her first memory was of her father who gave her baths, and her telling him it tickled.  Eventually when her mother would say it’s time for your father to give you a bath, she began vocalizing her preference of giving herself a bath.  She knew it was wrong because of what he had said that one time “don’t tell your mother.”

Most young adolescents at that time were naive, especially if they came from a very structured and morally sound family. Mothers did not talk about sex to their girls. Nor did my friend’s mother ever talk to her about what was inexcusable in the ways of touching. The seventies were full of what they referred to as “free love.”  Sexual encounters with no strings attached if you will.  Society tried to convince the multitudes that is was okay within society to have these encounters. Interesting note: In 1960 the first known birth control pill called “Enovid,” was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for contraception.

My friend when she was in High School, her freshman year, enjoyed talking with her bus driver who was a college student.  Looking back she now knows she was being “groomed” for his and other men’s pleasure.  She recounts a time when he asked her to go on a motorcycle ride.  What teenager doesn’t like motorcycles?  From there it lead to drinking beer, talking and quickly moved into her going with him to his apartment.  She explained to me that some events she could not remember, but she does remember waking up in a bed and off to the side was a tripod with a camera on it.  She knows today what the camera was and what he had done.  Because of the guilt and shame she never told her parents.

A couple of years later she ran away from home. She left with two other girls and they hitch-hiked to Florida. Upon getting there, and without any money they quickly found themselves in a pickle.  Not very well thought out, to say the least. They fell asleep on park benches and of course as I know, loitering in public places is against the law in many places like Florida.  This was Jacksonville, Florida.  To get on with her story, they were arrested and one of them who was 16 was sent to juvenile detention until her parents came to pick her up. My friend was 17 at the time and was legally considered an adult in the state of Florida. The other girl she knows was older than both the 16 and 17 year old girls, but was not sure how much older. My friend and the older girl were released in the custody of ?  She doesn’t know if he was a police officer or what he was.  They were taken to a place that she recalls had many beds, all in one room.  She remembers being frightened as the man took the older girl into another room and she listened to the screams, eventually pulling a pillow over her head as to not hear it anymore.  She tells me the next morning he was nowhere around and she noticed her friend had a split lip.  They all did make it out of Florida including the youngest. None of them ever told anyone what they had experienced. They were very lucky if you ask me.

Another time she recalls when she was 17, she was working for a fast food restaurant. Keep in mind she wants to keep names and places of incidents anonymous. Her supervisor was from the Middle East somewhere, but she did not know exactly.  Every day she would see one of the girls leave early with the supervisor. But, most times the girls never came back to work the next day.  At this point, as she is telling me the story I am wondering, what happened to the girls who didn’t come back? She did not know. He was forever hiring new girls she said. Each week it was new girls, coming and going. Eventually it was her that he approached. She told him she didn’t want to leave early because she wanted a full shift.  He told her she would still get a full days pay, but that she needed extra training for her job.  She went with him, thinking she could trust her employer. She was raped and told if she said anything he would come after her and her family.  So scared, she quit her job and again never told anyone.  She told me she couldn’t sit down for quite a few days, this she remembers very vividly as if it was yesterday. She had a boyfriend at the time and didn’t even tell him.

At that same age (17) she accepted an invitation to a college party.  There was drinking going on and smoking pot. She took a drink from a young man and feeling very sick to her stomach is the last thing she remembers, luckily some very nice man took her to his apartment, probably feeling sorry for her because she awoke on his couch and no memory of how she got there. He took her home the next morning.  What exactly was planned that night when at the party, she doesn’t know.  It could of been some type of a drug that was given to her which she knew nothing about.

I am sure there are many women out there to this day that can recall nightmares like the ones above and even much worse. The youngest victims, I mean the babies, not even in elementary school yet, and even the ones who are, going through such atrocities, and even worse, being held captive, never to see your family again. My heart hurts for them. Why can’t everyone, Democrats/Republicans… it doesn’t matter which side of the isle you are on. Just care enough to join us in this fight against this sickening thing that is happening to girls and boys alike.  It has to stop and we need to ban together and fight to end child sex rings.

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