Future of Healthcare?

March 19, 2017

A doctor named Bryan J Hill who is from South Carolina does not accept any type of insurance.  Instead he has chosen a different payment system called “direct primary care,” thus collecting a monthly fee directly from his patients, making his patients members.  This service covers office visits and drugs at much lower prices.

He opened his pediatric office called Gold Standard Pediatrics in September.  He is among a number of this fast growing movement of physicians like internists, family medicine and Pediatricians who prefer this system.  

The old system seemed cold and indifferent since it was based on a fee-for-service model in which your doctor would spend less time with you before moving on to the next patient, thus maximizing profits.

This new system may affect the rest of the healthcare system, now called Obamacare.  The direct primary care doctor would be receiving less money over the Obamacare physician.  But, I have always said that the government actually needs to put a cap on physician/hospital and drug charges. In other words forcing these drug companies and doctors to reign in what they are charging. This would of brought the cost of healthcare down considerably under Obamacare.

How does a round about figure of $150.00 per month sound compared to astronomical Obamacare monthly premiums?  Much better I would say for the typical young family with children since there are no co-pays and no cost beyond the monthly fee.

Source:  http://www.businessinsider.com/direct-primary-care-a-no-insurance-healthcare-model-2017-3

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