If We Go To War Blame It On MSM Not Our President!

March 19, 2017




Why are there billboards being erected to degrade President Trump? 

I am repulsed by this type of imagery.  It is not our President who will cause a war.  You can look directly at the Main Stream Media (MSM) for the damaging leftist propaganda.

They are the ones who cause America to blame our President.  They set their own agenda, thus feeding #fakenews backed by our own CIA.  They do not report the truth, constantly reporting news that are down and outright lies.  It has been proven that some of the news reporters that work for CNN are CIA Agents posing as journalists.

So, why are they doing this to us?  People perpetrating our news are oligarchs, plain and simple.  They brainwash the masses into believing and following their views on the one world government/religion.  Even with the election of our new President Trump, they are continuing their brainwashing strategies.  Bottom line is that they won’t stop or give in. Unless the American public stands up and tells them to stop by boycotting all six of the mammoth corporations that control our media, it will never change.

File_000 (1)
Image is from whatdoesitmean.com
The only way that our President was able to tell Americans what was truly wrong with globalism and how it was damaging our sovereignty was to sidestep the MSM, speaking with us directly through mass media.  Since Putin publically exposed the brainwashing  of American citizens, the leftists are continuing their barrage on us. They are still so angry that they continue to link our President to Russia in every possible way.

We need to let our new President move forward and tell the MSM to stop distracting us with issues that have already been found to be bogus.  Our President has said on a number of occasions that he is only interested in what is good for America.  So, why would any one think that Trump has ties to Russia?  It simply does not make sense, period.  Everything Trump is doing benefits us, nothing benefits Russia.

With the MSM pushing us to war with Russia over their blatant lies, by constantly accusing President Trump to have colluded with Russia over the 2016 election. These claims have been proven false.  Now we have a Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton exclaiming to CNN that a nuclear war with Russia is a real possibility and we should prepare for it.

Why did this Democratic Congressman issue this warning? Well, it’s simple, America is under a “Lenin’s theory of the press,” causing what is known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”  This is causing mass hysteria here in America, thus the above pictured bill board.

A Clinton email campaign which was released by Wikileaks data dump reveals the Democrats need to maintain political power by producing “an unaware and compliant citizenry.”  It’s all right there!  What will it take for America to realize what is happening by listening to the MSM?


In conclusion, the Russian government is now conducting an investigation into the violations of our US Constitution.  As reported by Tass “The checks are aimed at finding out whether the US media are consistent with the Russian law.”











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