It’s Finally Over, Obama’s Wiretapping Has Been Proved

Well, well we finally got the news we were hoping to get, without much further ado, here it goes.  Infowars has just reported that they have the evidence that the Obama Administration did wiretap President Trump plus other surveillance that he has proof of.

Reuters reported some time ago that agents were asked to cover up the program used to investigate Americans:

File_000 (2)
Image from Reuters Article
A whistleblower from a U.S. Intelligence Agency just brought Alex Jones from Infowars the proof we needed to prove that the Obama Administration were wiretapping President Trump.  Apparently, they have had surveillance on the Trump family even before he ran for office.  It goes back eight years or more.  The project was called Dragnet.

File_000 (2)
Image is from Infowars
Surprisingly, CNN has admitted to Alex Jones that Obama had Trump wiretapped:File_000 (3)

Also important to note that I reported in a previous blog that Obama had fled to Polynesia France when he heard that he was going to be questioned about the drug bust on the “Lady Michelle”.

I am now wondering if he will stay there since there are no extraditions allowed.  They need to finish draining the swamp by arresting, indicting, finding them all guilty and then LOCK THEM ALL UP.  They may not be able to extradite Obama but they can freeze his monies over here!  He deserves what he gets for being a treasonous, traitor to America.

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