I’m Offended, One Person’s Hack Is More Important Than Another’s?

March 22, 2017

So, Hillary Clinton was hacked during the 2016 campaign.  That within itself is life shattering event for her, makes headlines everywhere, worldly headlines even! They don’t stop talking about it, nope they continue, all the way up until the election, annnd we are still talking about it, probably will continue talking about it until all our faces fall off, and your ears too because your soooo sick of hearing about it!!!!!!!

Now, that aside, do you know how many people’s email gets hacked per year?  Well, in 2014 according to RT half of all U.S. adults were hacked in the last twelve months. According to Forbes 30,000 websites are hacked a day. 

When it is you getting hacked, there’s no public outrage and blaming and pointing fingers. No, you sit in silence, just as shocked as Hillary.  There are no hearings to help you get to the bottom of things, why? Because your just a normal, average joe. Where is the outrage my friend?

I can’t say I was never hacked.  Each time it happens, you change passwords, add extra security measures, do anything to make sure it won’t happen again. Then in six months, a year, or two IT HAPPENS AGAIN! Yup, we have all been there, done that.  BUT AGAIN, WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE? Oh, yea I’m just an average, everyday joe.

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