The Time A Nuclear Missile Accident Didn’t Even Make Headlines In Far Left Newspapers (America’s Fukushima)

March 25, 2017

Talk about how our Main Stream News hides and pushes to the bottom, articles that are of importance to the American public. They have been doing it for generations, and this nuclear missile accident which happened in June of 1960 is just a tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

We are talking about one of the worst nuclear accidents of all time, up to that time.  New York Times played the story down. They featured a subway fire above this accident, also featured was the defeat of two Tammany Hall politicians in a primary election.  The Inquirer featured banner headlines on the accident. 

The government covered up this accident by throwing a sheet of concrete on it surrounded by a fence. Many of the fireman who worked to put out the fire died from radiation poisoning. 

Moving forward…there have been many exotic cancers near Toms River, New Jersey possibly due to the runoff of contaminated radioactive plutonium leaking into the water table.

In 1974 the Dover Township closed 148 private wells near the Reich Farm after finding contamination, the homes were permanently connected to an alternate water source.

Since the 1990’s the area is seeing a rise in childhood cancers which they are attributing to “industrial pollution,” from a dye manufacturing plant.

In January 2002 their was a multimillion dollar lawsuit which included Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Union Carbide, and United Toms Water River that was settled for 69 families whose children had cancer. Important to note, that it was settled without acknowledging liability. 

Around 2013 a whistleblower wanted an attorney to look into these cancers, possibly tracing this back to the missile accident. She did her research, everything this whistleblower recounted to her checked out. The attorney stated that nothing to date has been done to hold the government accountable. Insurance carriers and defendants who are fighting for their rights will most likely spend decades fighting a government that does not want to take responsibility.

My thought is, have they buried the nuclear missile accident so deep that these young parents don’t know about the 1960 accident? Maybe the rising risks of these exotic cancers are due to the combination of both of these factors but you see nothing being awarded to those families from the U.S. government.


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