Exclusive, Alex Jones Responds To PizzaGate Controversy 

March 26, 2017

We basically don’t have concrete proof that Comet Pizza nor any other pizza eateries were involved in child sex Trafficking.

Alex stopped covering PizzaGate back in early December, 2016. He talks about how he saw that we were being diverted away from the big picture, as it is happening around the world.  So, he is prepared to go on the offensive to expose that is happening around the world, there is proof.

So, that is why he retracted from saying it had to do with Comet Pizza or its owner since he does not believe the owner has anything to do with child sex Trafficking.  He believes Comet Pizza has been sucked into this controversy, as Jones has himself. In trying to watch this exclusive video on YouTube, I wasn’t able to watch, so I looked it up on the internet and was able to download it here.  When I was watching it from Twitter, they cut him off.  You can see the full VIDEO HERE.

During a townhall meeting the Chief of Washington, D.C., MPD talks with a crowd of onlookers about children that have gone missing (other incidents) year to date, which is 501 since the beginning of this year, as reported by neonnettle.com.

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