Federal Raid On Obama’s Property

March 26, 2017


As reported by Right Politics Daily, a recent raid of Obama’s Washington, D.C. property where computers and notebooks were seized and taken into FBI custody.  Investigators were searching for undisclosed evidence of some sort.  They have released pictures of the bunker which doesn’t even resemble what you think a bunker would look like.  Seems to be very luxurious and able to sustain people working for him for quite sometime.

Barrack Obama has been a very busy man, opening eight secret government offices across the U.S., and French Polynesia.  It has been confirmed his offices are in the following locations: New York, Washington. D.C., Omaha, Silicon Valley, Rancho Mirage, Honolulu, and French Polynesia.  These bases, it is supposed are to be used during a coup that he is staging against President Trump.  They have not confirmed how many people are working for Obama in this underground network, but it is thought to be in the hundreds.



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