Islamist’s In London Canvasing Streets Shouting We Will Free You From “Freedom & Democracy”😦

March 25, 2017

From a Channel 4 Documentary 

Well that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one!  What is it that they want that they aren’t getting?  The guy who YouTubed this asks this same question.  Answer, it must be Sharia Law!

I hope that doesn’t start here in America.  Would it be tolerated? Probably so.  The part about giving people more than what they already have under a democracy is what blew my mind.

They are pushing Sharia Law, no two ways about it.  Before publically recruiting like the U.K., Islamists use to recruit via internet for ISIS.  Now, they aren’t even hiding it, as shown in the video when they yell “Allah Akbar.”

Yup, Europe is done for, this is undeniable proof.

​Original YouTube Video (The Thinkery) Islamist Recruiters On The Streets Of London: 


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