Proof, YouTube Is Messing With Your Views If You Are Alternative News

March 26, 2017
Watched a video of Lisa Havens (who has a very large base of viewers), awhile ago where she was talking about YouTube messing with her views due to conservative news.

Well, I am here to tell you she is 💯percent correct, it’s happening to me also.  People that view my videos are telling me via email that my views are not changing and to prove that one person watched the same video three times and the views never changed.

I myself have just started out making YouTube videos, I am just a little person just starting out.  So what are they worried about?  I noticed my likes were going up on one of my videos, but my numbers are falling.  

This is their Agenda in silencing conservative, alternative news.  Now, if you are a leftist your views continue to go up.  

Lisa is thinking about filing a class action lawsuit on this type of censoring, I don’t blame her. She also advised to sign a petition on censoring.  That petition has been closed because????? It had over 71,000 signatures it would of made the 100,000 signatures and they closed it out before it even had a chance.

Natural news had been censored by Google, that is why they deleted this petition.  My question is how they were able to go to and close the petition down?

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