Sanctuary Cities Are Still A Big Problem…253 Illegal Aliens Set Free

April 1, 2017


Declined detainers are becoming a big problem for ICE. Can you imagine, when you try and do your job, a job which difficult to say the least, is needed and appreciated among most Americans.  Only to be told by Law Enforcement Agencies that you can’t do your job, because they have declined the detainer. This is the most un-American position that these Law Enforcement Agencies take. 

New York is among the worst with their declined detainers, numbering 12 during 2/4-2/10.  4 were declined in Orange County, California, and 3 in Washington, D.C. According to, Clark County, Nev., and Nassau County, N.Y., are the top two on ICE’s list. Between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3 of this year, law enforcement in Clark declined 51 detainers while those in Nassau declined 38. The other counties listed declined less than fifteen.

ICE has listed 152 jurisdictions that have enacted policies, purposefully limiting their cooperation with ICE.  ICE has told the Agencies that they must ideally give 48 hours notice, letting them know when deportable illegal-aliens would be released.  Instead the Agencies just release them right back into their own communities. They also ask these Enforcement Agencies to keep these deportable aliens for at least 48 hours so that DHS can get there to pick them up. 

It must also be noted that among those states that do not cooperate are, of course, California and Connecticut.

Remember when President Trump signed Executive Order 13768  on 1/25/2017, he wanted to be kept abreast of deportables. Well, that list of Enforcement and Removal Operations is being compiled and soon it will be sitting on the President’s desk. I do believe there will be repercussions coming forth for the states who refuse to cooperate.

As far as the states that have set forth new laws like New York, which declared in 11/2014, that they would not cooperate/honor ICE detainers, well….sorry, you are not a separate country within the U.S.A. Federal law supersedes State law!


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