Three Undocumented Illegals Arrested For Murder Of Teen

April 4, 2017

President Trump was right when he inferred that we don’t know if the people who are illegally coming into our country are gang members…or who they are

As reported by, when CNN is blatantly giving advise to illegals on how to avoid being captured by ICE, we have a very big problem on our hands. That’s aiding and abetting, it’s definitely against the law.

See sources for more info on how CNN is helping illegals at the bottom of blog.


Editor’s Note: On Friday afternoon, Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown released the following statement in connection with the investigation to a teenager’s body which had been found Monday night on Roaring Run Road. 
Three arrests have been made in the homicide case which authorities believe was gang-related. Sheriff Brown noted that there is not a danger to the community, stating that he believes the homicide was targeted at the victim and not a random act. He stated the case appears to be narotics related. Sheriff Brown also stated that the three men arrested and charged with second degree murder are undocumented, illegal aliens believed to be MS-13 gang members.
Sheriff Brown’s statement:

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On March 27, 2017, at 9:30 p.m. Monday evening Bedford County 911 dispatchers recerved a call from a motorist who reported she had found a deceased person lying in the road on Roaring Run Road in Bedford County. While checking the body the motorist advised dispatchers that an older model Honda Accord with one occupant drove by at a high rate of speed. The motorist said the Honda was traveling towards Rt. 221. Minutes later a Bedford County Sheriff’s deputy responding to the call on Roaring Run Road met the Honda near Virginia Memorial Park on 221. The deputy turned and stopped the car and the driver of the car identified himself as Victor A. Rodas, age 19 of Lynchburg. While talking to Rodas the deputy learned he was an illegal alien. Rodas was detained and transported to the Bedford County Sheriffs Office. Immigration and Customs( ICE) was contacted later Tuesday morning.  



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