Speculation On Obama’s Arrest

April 5, 2017


We have never in the history of the United States had an ex-President arrested. Could you even imagine if ex-President Obama was arrested? What would it do to factions on the left? Well, lets first look at the state of our country right now.

Consider our country which is so politically divided at this time. The explosions, fires of late, a bridge in Atlanta, big black billowing clouds coming from Miami near Mar-a-Lago.

Looks to me like it was not just a plain fire in either incident. Was some type of accelerant used in the Miami fire? What else would of caused the black billowy clouds? Which would prove it was man-made. The bridge did not come down because of some crack pipes being smoked, which is what they are trying to say. The bridge, no matter what MSM says, their was a witness to the contrary, hearing explosions. James Shilkett was driving near this bridge, saw PVC pipe on fire. Bobby Barnhart, heard several explosions, a low rumbling. This is a lone wolf tactic of ISIS’s, since they publish how to make these bombs from PVC online, right there for all to see.

You have the attorney, Trinh Huynh who was  investigating the I-85 bridge collapse, she had filed paperwork for “common and natural” legal requests for all US Federal and State of Georgia documents relating to the I-85 bridge explosion—but that within 30 minutes of her making these filings, she was assassinated, gunned down.

Even though we have a President that is doing so many great things, our country still is in total chaos. 

I have seen on social media many people asking why isn’t Alex Jones from Infowars not reporting this? Stating that if he isn’t reporting this arrest, it couldn’t be true. So, for just a minute think, if Alex Jones released information on Obama’s arrest, this country would probably be a battleground. Tipping the scales for a revolution. That’s my take on why Alex Jones is so silent right now.

Video explaining explosions:

More information on the I-85 Bridge Collapse http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2272.htm

More information on the attorney’s death that MSM is not telling us http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2274.htm

[VIDEO] about explosions I-85 Bridge

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