Timeline Of Events Leading Up To Obama’s Arrest

April 5, 2017


We all know that a fishing vessel named “Lady Michelle” was impounded for drugs. That was on, or around 3/2/2017 when it was first reported.

We were then told Obama fled to French-Polynesia, a non-extradition country. He was avoiding questioning by Federal Agents.

The last picture we have of him was taken at a restaurant in Hawaii (Noi Tai Cuisine) before flying to French-Polynesia. It was on March 15 ? Note: The year is not on the picture. But, as we learned his wife did not go with him. She is not in the picture, but that doesn’t mean she was not there.

On 3/31/2017, there was another drug bust, this time it was an airplane, as reported/written by Benjamin Fulford:

“Obama linked planed [plane] filled with Afghan Heroin and North Korean amphetamines impounded in Caribbean”

By Benjamin Fulford, March 31st, 2017

“Former US President Barack Obama, in custody of the US military police, has informed on his drug dealing bosses, according to sources in Japanese military intelligence. As a result of this, an airplane filled with Afghan Heroin and North Korean amphetamines was impounded at Argyle International Airport on St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, the sources say. The money raised from this drug flight was intended to be used to finance the operations of Daesh (formerly known as ISIS), the sources say. This impoundment follows the capture of an Obama linked ship containing 4.2 tons of cocaine, the sources note.”


It was a little while later we receive a report after the plane drug bust that Obama had been arrested.

The Feds must of received enough information from people aboard the “Lady Michelle,” to start after Obama for questioning. Then as Fulford tells us, Obama told them enough to impound the plane because of onboard narcotics.

I just found out about the plane a couple of days ago, but the timeline works out perfectly. I just wish someone could confirm all of this.

NOTE: Benjamin Fulford lives in Japan. I noticed where his taxes in Japan were in question. Also, something about the Japanese government trying to murder him. Benjamin Fulford tries to uncover corruption around the world, he is another enemy to the big governments.

Read more about his taxes and claims he has made about the Japanese government trying to kill him HERE.

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