North Korean Sub Headed To West Coast

April 11, 2017

A North Korean submarine which is assumed to be nuclear armed is headed to our west coast. Intercepted radio communications which were coded messages being broadcast by Pyongyang Radio, less than 24 hours ago.

These coded messages were a series of numbers. In all coinciding with the numbers of known North Korean submarines in the Pacific Ocean, which suddenly had an undertaking of evasive combative actions, upon being chased.

Within 6 hours of the messages being sent, US and Canadian anti-submarine warplanes were rapidly converging off the west coast.

UPDATE: Problem is 2 years ago it was reported that North Korean subs had gone off the radar. With that radar capability and our Air Force wanting better radar to detect North Korean missiles! This could pose a big problem for us. As reported by On 4/10/2017: “Amidst an unprecedented pace of North Korean strategic weapons testing, our ability to provide actionable warning continues to diminish,” Gen. Lori Robinson, commander of U.S. Northern Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last Friday in written testimony.



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