Russia Knew About The Chemical Gas Attacks In Syria

April 11, 2017

The United States has drawn the opinion that Russia knew of the chemical gas attacks which were carried out by Assad forces.

A Russian drone was seen hovering over a hospital that was treating victims. The drone immediately left the area right before the hospital was bombed. US officials believe the hospital was targeted to hide complicity in the chemical attack.

The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that the agents used in the chemical attacks in Syria were of a nerve agent called organophosphurus chemicals. 

“These types of weapons are banned by international law because they represent an intolerable barbarism,” Peter Salama, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, said in the WHO statement.

Now, with Russia bombing that hospital, isn’t that a horrendous act? They accuse the USA of invading, which actually wasn’t an invasion at all. By the U.S. destroying chemicals that were being used on Syria’s own people was an act of protection from further atrocities, nothing more.

Today, Russia is calling the chemical attacks a false flag, that more are to come. What more propaganda will Russia try to spin? Maybe they are reading to much of Infowars crazy antics. Sometimes Infowars is on target, this time they are lacking in credibility. There are to many testimonies from the Syrian people that experienced the attack, according to multiple sources.

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