We Are All Demons Says Mike Pompeo

April 13, 2017

According to the CIA director, anyone who followed Wikileaks and/or RT, are demons.

As reported by RT, Mike Pompeo says: “It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is, a non-state hostile intelligence service, often abetted by state actors like Russia,” Pompeo told the audience at a disscussion for National Security on 4/13/2017. 

This man is totally ridiculous, as if American’s finding out the truth about corruption by Hillary Clinton and others means nothing. If our security agencies cannot police up the corruption, then as citizens we will have to make the evidential corruption public. This is the evidence that Wikileaks exposed.

Whistleblowers should be protected. Since the election of 2016, how many people even believed they were working on a New World Order? Or the corruption of the Clinton Foundation? Wikileaks exposed this and more. Many people would ask me on Twitter, what New World Order? What are they talking about? 

President Trump is the one who appointed this man! This is a red flag people, we need to keep an eye open and listen to how this will effect us. By aligning Wikileaks and RT to Russia, they are going to try and relate that to anyone who followed Wikileaks and RT. That’s coming next!

WikiLeaks ‘hostile intel,’ Assange & his followers ‘demons’: CIA chief goes rogue https://www.rt.com/usa/384667-cia-assange-wikileaks-critisize/

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