What? Soros Is Running The White House?

April 15, 2017

This is hard to swallow, according to Dave Hodges’s of the Common Sense Show, he has sources afraid to come forward just yet, claiming Jared Kushner is a business partner of George Soros. That the New World Order will still commence.

He claims after Trump’s foreign policy decisions with Russia, by isolating them he will then bring them back to the table. We have seen a change with China as well, by making them a partner. Trump is willing to even make a better trade deal with China to bring them onboard as a partner of the USA.

We have seen Bannon being pushed further out of the circle, Kushner is now running the show. Bill Still from the Still Report is reporting today that the White House will be making an announcement soon about Bannon being let go due to leaking. This is a red flag folks! Sessions will most likely be the next to be fired according to Hodges. But, the scariest of all, Trump will no longer be making foreign policy changes when it comes to trade agreements! I don’t know if this is true, Dave does not disclose any of his sources. 

Dave says that there are certain sites claiming this revolting news as well, but he does not list them. 

We, as patriots fought so hard to get a complete change away from the New World Order. America was to come first. I do know that Hillary Clinton will never be brought before court for her treasonous, and criminal acts. Guess the elite will always continue to be above the law, which is very upsetting.

According to Dave Hodges’s the complete New World Order will be complete in the year 2025, that the world will be divided among China, Russia and the United States. The International Bankers will literally be in charge. George Soros answers to the International Bank of Settlements which is a Rothschild operation.

I listened to a video that Assad made, he even claimed that our President was just a puppet. With Infowars claiming that our President has been compromised, maybe they are right. This whole big conglomeration of wealthy elites may never be able to be broken. 

This is like reliving the Kennedy Administration, in which he knew the big changes that were coming for the world. I still support our President, but I will be watching closely on foreign policy changes. 

Will our President ever be able to get the travel ban implemented? Probably not! Interesting to note that since he has been in office just a short time, we have had 1,299 or more Syrian and 1,182 Somalian refugees resettled here in the USA. Folks, that’s more than Obama had in his last year of office! This is already getting out of hand, Trump’s hands are tied!

In Chicago according to jihadwatch.org, we have already had 2 Muslims holding the ISIS flag and one spoke of throwing homosexuals off the Sears Tower. They were arrested Wednesday on federal terrorism charges. What if there are to many of them one day? Yeah, something to think about!

Maybe our President has been compromised as Infowars has claimed, I for one, am going to keep an eye on this situation, and will update anything that I see as a red flag. We need to keep fighting, expressing our dislikes for anything we see that does not hold up to our values as Americans for now and future generations.


The Still Report on Bannon’s Firing [VIDEO]

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