So, Obama Is Writing His Memoirs? Really?

April 19, 2017

Viewing several sources from CNN, Huffington Post, and others, according to them Barrack Obama is writing his memoirs in the French-Polynesia, with his wife recently joining him.

He originally went to the Caribbean right after Trump’s inauguration. He came back to the USA for a short stay, then off again, reportedly fleeing questioning from federal agents. [VIDEO] Wow, Obama in trouble again? Changing schedules last minute

Reportedly Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks had joined them in their second vacation, this time to French-Polynesia. Trying to find proof of this, I came across photos that were originally taken during their first vacation. Nothing was found that led me to believe the actors were ever there, except for this one:

Why are there not any real photos? Some articles went so far as to say, so and so ran into the Obama’s and were instructed that they could take photos, as long as they were not released publically. Hmmm, still no photos, wonder why? Obama has never been one to live an unpublic life. Very strange, if you ask me.

Also important to note: The Obama’s reportedly have signed a book deal with Penguin books. Usually a big publishing company would have on there site, listed as upcoming, especially from very known public figures. I went on the publisher’s website and found nothing to leed me to believe that there are any up and coming books from either Obama’s. Seems very strange indeed!

This picture I did find, but it doesn’t show anything to leed me to believe it was taken on vacation. This picture could of been taken during the time he received the medal of freedom at the White House. Or, it could of been taken in January, 2017 when he performed with a private showing for Obama’s staff.

Just for once, one of these mainstream medias could be honest with us, to show us proof by actual pictures!

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