April 24, 2017

Some young Americans probably don’t know about the George W Bush era missing emails, since they were to young to remember. But, yes it happened on April 12, 2007, and the press (Washington Post) mentioned it, which was quickly forgotten….they moved on with other types of reporting.

It was announced by the White House, during a Congressional investigation into the partisan firing of eight US attorneys, that about five million emails, covering a two year span had been lost! These emails were run through the private accounts that were controlled by the Republican National Committee.

 Congressional investigators already had evidence that private email was used for government business, including the firing of US attorneys. Twenty two White House Staffers and the Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, who used private email in 95% of all his communications were also guilty of the practice. Whether these communications were of secret or top secret is bad enough, but any private email being used for work was/and still is a violation of ethics laws.

As the Washington Post reported“Under federal law, the White House is required to maintain records, including e-mails, involving presidential decision- making and deliberations.” But, yet all theses emails which were needed by Congressional investigators…all were gone, vanished, couldn’t find them. Where did they go🤷🏻‍♀️

As reported by Media Matters, The White House email story broke on a Wednesday. Then on that Sunday’s Meet The Press, Face The Nation, and Fox News Sunday, the topic of millions of missing White House emails did not come up. At all. (The story did get covered on ABC’s This Week.)

Interestingly, after Hillary Clinton’s emails went missing, they claimed that they were unretrievable. Yet, here is what the New York Times had to say in the article they published about the 2007 missing emails:

The missing emails were blamed on some type of archival problem, beginning in 2003. It wasn’t 5 million that were lost, NO! It was over 20 million that were lost! Was anything ever done about the missing emails? 

It took a long time, but in 2009, under President Obama, he agreed to restore millions of emails between 2003-2005 within a 94 day period, all of which will be archived for preservation and eventually released to the public.

Do you think they can find Hillary Clinton’s emails? Do they really want to? Will they wait 2, 5, 10 years to get this problem resolved?PROBABLY SO!


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