Betsy Devos Thinks Common Core Is Ended, Not So Fast….

April 26, 2017

Common core is still very much alive, sorry folks she should not of portrayed it the way she did.

As reported by Truth In American Education: “The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires the alignment of state standards, assessments, and accountability systems to the Common Core. While it does not explicitly say “Common Core” within the law, ESSA does use the “college-and-career-ready” lingo employed by Common Core advocates.”

Again, wording matters! We may object to something, so they just word it differently, not seeing “common core” in there, we assume it will be taken care of.

Betsy has misguided faith in what ESSA accomplishes. When read, it has all the red flags for “common core,” aligned standards to be the expectation. “ESSA does use the “college-and-career-ready” lingo employed by Common Core advocates.”

She is correct in stating that states have the right to imply their own standards. But, ” States will be pressured into keeping the Common Core rather than risk having their plans disapproved for using different standards or aligned assessments which are what we’ve primarily seen leading up to state’s submitting their accountability plans.”

In March, 2017 Betsy Devos was to announce a release of an updated ESSA consolidated state plan template. In the VIDEO she keeps her speech  short, not going into detail at all about a revised template.

UPDATE: President Trump signed today, an executive order which will direct the Secretary of Education to ensure Department of Education regulations conform with laws requiring state and local control of education. It also directs the education secretary to conduct a study to identify potential over-reach by the federal government on education issues. The Secretary of Education will need and to modify or rescind any regulations that are not in compliance.


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