Trump Thinks UN Should Take On Solving World Conflicts -Not Countries Solving Them?

April 26, 2017


Remember when Trump told us all he was not for the UN having as much emphasis on laws and decisions when it comes to foreign policy as well as policy right here in the USA? Well, looks like he has changed his mind. I for one was against globalism, one of the reasons I voted for Trump. He called the organization a club. He was also concerned with the cost to the U.S., continuing to be members of the U.N. 

There also has been recent legislation introduced by Mike Rogers, Republican, Alabama, concerning leaving the U.N. This bill, H.R. 193, although it has good intentions has very little chance of becoming law.President Trump stated at his working lunch in the WhiteHouse with UN Security Council Ambassadors: “I think that the United Nations has tremendous potential — tremendous potential — far greater than what I would say any other candidate in the last 30 years would have even thought to say. I don’t think it’s lived up — I know it hasn’t lived up to the potential. I mean, I see a day when there’s a conflict where the United Nations, you get together, and you solve the conflict. You just don’t see the United Nations, like, solving conflicts. I think that’s going to start happening now. I can see it. And the United Nations will get together and solve conflicts. It won’t be two countries, it will be the United Nations mediating or arbitrating with those countries.”

In trying to understand exactly what the President is asking the UN to do, it’s clear he wants them to solve worldly conflicts. What does this mean for us? 

Giving any one body of government to much power is never good. We need checks and balances. We know under the UN, they do not want U.S. citizens to have certain weapons. A countries Constitution does interfere with policies, laws that the UN wants to enforce.

We, the citizens here in the US are so against pedophilia, child sexual exploitation. The UN has failed miserably to stop this globally. Why? Islam is growing stronger in the United Nations, this has been a warning for many years. The criminal genocides, mutilization, rape of young women continues throughout the Muslim world. 


“Some U.N.  leaders, and most peacekeeping commanders and officers, seem to have an attitude that “boys will be boys” when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires with any woman or girl available. But every year there are hundreds of allegations of U.N. peacekeepers committing sexual exploitation, rape, and abuse of women and girls – yes, minors – in the host country.”

The peacekeeping U.N. has had many egregious failures, which far outweighs their successes, which continues today. Read More >

For Trump to turn over so much power to the U.N., it’s scary. In the past he has voiced his opinion that the U.S. was paying so much more than their fair share to the U.N. During the luncheon he took a different stance:  

“But I will say this,” Trump added. “If we do a great job, I care much less about the budget, because you’re talking about peanuts compared to the important work you’re doing. You really are. You’re talking about the most important things ever. And I must say, I’m a budget person. You see the way I’m talking about NATO, the same thing, but if you do a great job at the United Nations, I feel much differently about it because we’re talking pennies compared to the kind of lives and money that you’ll be saving.”

TRUMP’S POSITION HERE IS ANOTHER RED FLAG, the U.S. is not a union where conflicts can be necessarily arbitrated, with no way to change results if we don’t agree with a ruling by the U.N. This position is globalization of laws!

Is Nikki Haley even qualified to be a U.N. Ambassador? Wasn’t she the one campaigning for the confederate flags to come down? YES SHE WAS! God help us, Nikki Haley is now compromising our President!

Now, Trump’s apologists have floated around that the stance Trump is taking maybe a negotiating tool. Let’s hope this is true.

Video of Trump’s Speech at White House Luncheon to U.N. Security Counsel Ambassadors:

Luncheon, meeting with UN Security Council Ambassadors

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