Conjecture – Kim Jong-Nam’s  Assassination

April 28, 2017

As reported by 101 East, Kim Jong-Il had two illegitimate sons which the North Korean people were unaware of. Those two sons were Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Nam. Both sons were kept out of the public eye.

As we know Kim Jong-Nam was assassinated on February 13, 2017. Both women assassins who were not North Korean were arrested and questioned. They both told authorities that they were hired, payed $100.00 each to carry out what they thought was a reality show prank.

Normally it is well known that the eldest son is the next in-line after their fathers death. Kim Jong-Nam Had fallen out of favor with his father Kim Jong-Il. He was apparently caught trying to enter Japan on a false passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

Kim Jong-Nam’s father sent him to China where he was living in exile under the name of Kim Chol. When his younger brother came to power, he purged family members, most likely to keep the secret. He did not want his legitimacy questioned. Very few people in North Korea know Kim Jong-Nam ever existed.

Kim Jong-Nam’s mother was a very popular North Korean actress, whom was married. If it became known that Kim Jong-Nam’s mother was already married it would of destroyed Kim Jong-Un’s “Godly status,” and that of his father’s legacy. The North Korean leader is looked upon as a Godly figure, without many blemishes to tarnish his life.

Quite interesting to note that Kim Jong-Un has never presented to North Korea his age, where he was born and grew up, what his mothers name is. The North Korean’s are kept in the dark.

Kim Jong-Un was very afraid that his brothers existence would become known in China which could most likely leak out to the North Korean people. The longer he lived in exile, and the many different countries he traveled to, besides becoming friends with several foreign media put his life in danger.

The London suburb of New Malden is home to over 10,000 Koreans, some 600 from the north. The Korean Association for Human Rights and Democracy is in New Malden. The Association is established by defectors from North Korea. As they are basically an exiled government, they looked upon Kim Jong-Nam to lead them. They felt that Kim Jong-Nam could be very persuasive to North Koreans. They approached him three times, the last time in Singapore in June of last year. Kim Jong-Nam expressly said he had no interest in North Korean politics. He stated he felt that the three generation Regime had to stop, that a revolution was the answer. 

They believe that Kim Jong-Un may have heard about the government in exile. Most likely it was reported to him by top officials. This most likely made him very nervous and paranoid.

The officials that Kim Jong-Un is surrounded by are left over from his fathers, and grandfathers regimes. It is very important for him to have their respect. Without the respect he would not be able to keep his place as the leader of North Korea.

All of this has not been proven, but the pieces of the puzzle sure do fit. Let me know what you think, and watch the below video, very interesting indeed!


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