My Take On Ivanka Trump’s Trip To Berlin, and Concerning Issues 

April 29, 2017


When Donald Trump was elected President, to quote Barack Obama, that meant one President at a time right?

Looks like we have two people surrounding President Trump who could be very influential to some policies, changes that are different from what Trump campaigned for. One being refugees from countries such as Syria. At the the time Trump was campaigning, he seemed to understand and support people’s views on the refugee crisis. He knew that it was hard to vet most of these refugees. He knew we were concerned with some nefarious intentions some of the refugees could have against the US. ISIS, on several occasions made it known that they would infiltrate among the refugees coming into the United States.

During Ivanka Trumps trip to Germany she discussed the refugee crisis. It now seems there is a different stance by our President, which is a complete turn around on refugee acceptance here in the US, unbeknownst to me!

 Her father has not come out and informed the nation about a change in his campaigning promise to keep us safe. This threw me and many people on Twitter for a loop. This so called humanitarian crisis happened due to the Obama Administration trying to change regimes. Hillary Clinton, then head of the State Department, knowingly armed ISIS. This should of never happened in the first place.

This whole crisis has caused Germany and France, Sweden, Russia….(Complete list of terror attacks) great difficulties and heartbreak in dealing with mounting terrorist attacks. The USA has had its share of attacks also. I would hate to see our country end up like Europe.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are very young and as far as I am concerned, both of them are inexperienced, not fit to advise/influence President Trump in any way about policy, here or abroad. President Trump should be getting his advice from his top military brass, Ambassadors, or others who are equipped to advise him properly. 

What does Ivanka’s or Jared’s resumes look like? Hmmm, let me see….real estate, owner of a business, yup, that just about does it, YOUR HIRED! Are you kidding me?????

When Ivanka was in Berlin, she should not of made the comment she did on Today about the humanitarian crisis. She was suppose to talk about women’s issues, economic empowerment! In the video, she was asked if Chancellor Merkel was using her as a back channel to the President? We all know what the answer to that question is. So, Ivanka most likely can persuade her father in affairs of state. She didn’t have the ability to steer away from the question she was being asked. My advise to the President, keep her in the USA! 

My next question is how much did this trip cost the US taxpayers, and was it really needed? Seems to me, Germany can have their own empowerment of women without our hand holding.

Talking about empowerment of women, is it empowering a woman when she only makes $1.00 per hour? It is my understanding that Ivanka’s clothing business is supported by contracted workers in China who make the clothes for her line. These workers, on average bring home about $62.00 a week. That’s not impowerment to me, that’s slave labor.

During Trump’s campaign she preached about empowering women, child care and a maternity leave plan. But, for her clothing line she does not pay her contractors for maternity leave, and neither does her father.

When Trump was on the campaign trail I was a little worried when his daughter was attempting to garnish more of the women’s vote for her father. At that time I wondered, shouldn’t he be speaking about these issues that were important to him about women? It wasn’t Ivanka that we were voting for. Now, it hits me, she was going to be part of the bigger picture. As we have seen, she has an office in the White House and has often sat in on her fathers meetings. One example is when she sat in on the meeting her father had with the Japanese leader.

Does Ivanka have a security clearance?

Right now, I am quite worried as to the continued use of President Trump’s children in the White House. Something needs to be done here! I am quite sure Ivanka does not need an office in our White House. She can champion her cause from somewhere else. Her cause is not an eight hour a day job!

A President does not need the day to day moral support of his kids! He can do just fine on his own. If he needs advisers, they should be real advisers. Ivanka and Jared can cheer him on, on the sidelines, so to speak.

When President Kennedy appointed his brother, Robert Kennedy as Attorney General, there was a big difference, he was qualified! He didn’t work in the White House, he didn’t sit in on meetings the President had with dignitaries.

The only time I can think of that a family was so involved with running a country, would be a King who is grooming his child. Such as the Romanov Dynasty.

I voted for Trump, I didn’t vote for his kids. I support our President, but when I see something that I don’t agree with, I’m not going to just sit there and say nothing.

What do you think?


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