Wishful Thinking Evan Osnos! But, NO – Majority of Congress is Not Talking About IT….

May 4, 2017


IN ANSWER TO NPR ARTICLE http://www.npr.org/2017/05/04/526857048/trump-s-fitness-to-serve-is-officially-part-of-the-discussion-in-congress?utm_campaign=freshair&utm_medium=RSS

Seems more like a wish that’s not going to happen. Funny that this man has insider knowledge that no other reporter has. 

In his article he states that under the 25th amendment they are discussing this in private. My question is what makes him privy to this information, what source? When I don’t have a source that makes it believable, it’s not credible.

Evan Osnos is correct in saying basically, that members of congress are not pursuing it at this time, in any way, shape or form, I might add. Surprisingly Trump has many that support him, so I know this is not true.

In reference to members not talking publically about impeachment, as it would cause Trump supporters to have a “rallying cry.” Of course we would all come to Trump’s defense. Unlike the liberal progressives violent rallying cries. We would peacefully show our support to the opposition, with no reason for a “perilous element,” as so stated. So, there would be no reason not to make it public.

In talking about “types of behavior, standards,” that would leed to impeachment, there are none to suggest impeachment. When we voted for Trump, we knew what we were getting. He won, which shows he has many supporters.

There was a lot of talk about Barack Obama’s impeachment also, how soon we forget! Nothing came of it! 

Judiciously speaking, people have their opinions as they did with Obama, but that is all it is…opinion and nothing else. Again, liberals crying in their beer.

For every doctor, psychiatrist, etc….that would come forward to testify to the mental health of a sitting President, there would be that many and more who would say he is mentally stable. So, let’s not get off track!

It is my opinion this is officially coffee room chatter coming from Democrats who just can’t accept that they loss and no more.

Keep fishing 🎣 Evan, maybe just maybe, you will dig up more gossip around the water cooler. Wish I could be that fly on the wall to expose you.

According to Wikipedia, Evan Osnos:

Evan Lionel Richard Osnos is an American journalist and author. He has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 2008, best known for his coverage of China. He is the author of Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in …

Where he works should explain it all!

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