Globalism-Helping 3rd World Populations Through the UN?

May 6, 2017

After World War II, the United Nations (UN) was founded. Among the many programs under the UN, is to stop world hunger, education for all children, family planning, global population and the list goes on. The monies to help these third world countries comes from nations that are already developed and at one time were prospering. But, due to the heavy burden of sustaining third world countries who are forever dependent on us, we are growing poorer with each passing decade. Taking on more debt is going to sink the USA.

Instead of the Red Cross and other humanitarian aid agencies relying on monies collected through gifts, it wasn’t enough to bring the third world countries out of poverty. Under the UN, tax payer dollars from all member nations have been contributing to help these third world countries.

This aid has been going on for over fifty years. So, why are there still third world countries? Most of the under-developed countries have tribes that are living in isolated regions of the world and do not welcome modernization. They are not interested in education, and most definitely not equality of man and woman. They live their own traditional values, handed down for 1000’s of years. To forcefully modernize them would be catastrophic to some third world countries. A good example of what I am trying to say, look at the American Indians, we forced religion, our ways of living, took their lands…herded them onto reservations! Exactly what were our intentions to the American Indian? Yeah, we were really great trying to modernize them! NO, we had no right to do what we did!

After World War II the need for developed nations to form alliances with third world countries grew. These powerful nations reached out to these third world countries to receive their alliance and in return received our military support, economic developmental support…and this has been going on for a very long time, Nothing has changed drastically for these third world countries, as they still are third world countries.

After all this time and money received from wealthy nations, you would think these countries would be more developed. But, this simply is not the case. Many are still so impoverished that they depend on foreign aid till this day. Many of these countries have become dependent on foreign aid, with no outlook in site of being able to stop the aid. Currently the global gap between rich and poor is greater than it ever was.

Food that is sent to, let’s say Africa or Asia may never get to the people who need it. Their government may be stopping the aid from ever reaching them, for whatever political reason. When the Apartheid was going on in South Africa, many blacks were kept from furthering their education in order to try and help themselves to move out of poverty. 

So, where is all the humanitarian aid monies going?

Doesn’t seem to me that the billions upon billions the USA gives is helping the third world countries, rather prolonging it.

When I see pictures of starving children with very bloated stomaches, this of course tears at your heartstrings. Whether it is famine or drinking bad water, which could also cause a very bloated stomach, it’s still very bothersome to me. But, how do we know for sure they are being helped? 

Another way some look at these pictures, in that they are being used as propaganda. It’s not outside the realm of possibility. Germans used this type of propaganda very well.

When I looked at some of the pictures of the children with the swollen bellies, how come the mother who was right there did not show signs of malnutrition or famine?

Clearly, the child on the far right was photoshopped into this picture:

I am not saying all pictures should be discounted, but some could be.

After the fall of communist Russia, North Korea took a hit because they traded heavily with Russia. The North Korean people actually went through poverty and starvation. Here is what a doctor proclaimed he saw happening: The excerpt comes from

“The doctor found the North Korean people living in unspeakable misery. Reports of famine and flood damage had started to trickle out of this hermit kingdom in the early 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Koreaís main trading partner. But even the grim rumors did not match the misery Vollertsen saw firsthand. Humanitarian groups such as CARE and Oxfam, and relief organizations including the World Food Program, sent food aid to North Korea for a time, but most withdrew when they were not allowed to make sure it went to the hungry and helpless rather than to friends of the regime.”

“Nobody really knows where such aid goes,” Vollertsen tells Insight in Washington, “except that it is not going to the ordinary citizens.” After working as a doctor in North Korea for 18 months, Vollertsen became convinced that the starvation was being aided and abetted by the government.”

“All visits for humanitarian groups are prearranged,” Vollertsen tells Insight. “The World Health Organization sees a room of children sitting in front of their cookies, they write a positive report and leave. I was an emergency doctor, nothing was ever prearranged, so I saw the reality of life for these people. They have nothing.” Vollertsen tells of visiting hospitals where food and aid reportedly had been sent the week before. Upon arrival he would find empty storage rooms and children with empty stomachs.”

So, here we have testimony that people’s own governments can cause their starvation.

Is the UN just another fraudulent foundation, except on a bigger scale? Are they building on wealth to take over the world? Hey, this isn’t without consideration here! Did you know that the Lucis Trust is the publishing house for the UN’s material that is published on the internet? Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey, as the publishing company to disseminate  the books of Bailey and Madame Blavatsky and the theosophical society. The name was changed one year later after much uproar over the name Lucifer.

I was hoping that our President would pull out of the UN when he took office. I see a foreseeable future where any humanitarian aid comes directly from individual countries of their own accord, not directed by a big conglomerate such as the UN? It’s just to easy to lose track of where the American’s money is going, without seeing it for ourselves. We want smaller government across the board, that’s the only smart way to go.


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