Richard Chambers This is The Syrian Flag…

May 8, 2017

Paul Watson, [@PrisonPlanet], has family that live in Paris. He would be the first one to trust talking with when it comes to what exactly is going on over there after the election of Emanuel Macron.

Richard Chambers, I assume thinks that the green, white and black flag is the official Syrian flag, because he basically called Paul a liar. Well, first of all Richard, Apple even knows what color the Syrian flag is, it’s not green, white, black. Syria🇸🇾 

This is the picture that is in question between Paul and Richard, as shown in Richard’s tweet:

Distinction of the Syrian Flags:

We do have to remember that the Syrian revolution was actually hijacked by ISIS. The revolution actually started out as peaceful until it was hijacked. There flag was green, white, black.

This excerpt comes from the, after the killing of Father Paolo:

“There is little difference whether the ISIS killed Father Paolo at the orders of the Assad regime or at the orders of Al-Qaeda commanders. In both cases, the Syrian revolution has changed its face and its mission. The fact remains the same: the Syrian revolution, which started as a democratic uprising against totalitarianism, inequality, and poverty, has ended up killing the very people who defended the revolution and called for Assad to depart.”

I guess when most people see the green, white and black flag, they attribute it to ISIS. Although ISIS has its own flag:

According to, the writing on the above flag mean:

“The white banner at the top of the flag reads: “There is no god but Allah [God]. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” This phrase is a declaration of faith used across Islam, and is known as the shahada.”
“Underneath is a white circle emblazoned with black writing reading “Mohammed is the messenger of God”, which is meant to resemble the Prophet’s seal, similar to that used to close an envelope.”

The below video is from Infowars, Paul Watson speaking about the Syrian Flag that was caught on video at Macron’s rally:


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