Finally, the Clinton Email Case Will Be Reopened – What Happens to Comey’s Files?

May 12, 2017

Mr. Andrew McCabe, Acting FBI Director has given the go ahead for the Clinton email case to be reopened. A special prosecutor will not be used. This will most likely take quite awhile as they go over evidence, there are a lot of emails!

Proof of the reopening [VIDEO] HERE

Hillary Clinton and her cronies should be very worried. She knew exactly what she was doing was wrong. Remember she was a criminal attorney, she knew better.

Rest assured folks, all Comey’s files, computer correspondence, all of it is under protection, they have secured all his files. Under the Criminal Justice Information Services policy, Comey’s access would have been immediately terminated.

All his clearances, everything has been pulled on him, he’s just another citizen like the rest of us.

Bradley Moss who is a National Security lawyer, was asked what would happen to any of the files of Comey’s. Here is what he replied:

“All paper classified files in Director’s office should be cross-checked against inventory lists to ensure they’re all present and accounted for,” he said. “E-mail accounts and individual hard drives should be archived. In theory, his staff is supposed to immediately do it. In case he was traveling with a classified lock bag, they need to know what’s missing from his office to know what needs to be recovered. In reality? It could take days. [Comey] can be allowed access back into his office but only after it’s been sanitized of classified files.”

So, let’s hope the process goes through without a hitch before he is allowed to return to his office to collect personal items.


Ex-feds confident Comey’s devices and files are safe, even if FBI won’t confirm

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