Clinton Has Launched A New Campaign “Onward Together” – As She’s Still Being Investigated…

May 16, 2017


Just when you thought Hillary Clinton would go ” back into the woods,” she reemerges.

Does this mean she will run again in 2020? Not sure, maybe she is getting a feel for who, how many supporters she has. She may be doing something similar to what Obama has done with Organizing for Action and his foundation.

Her Onward Together mission is to get people involved, advancing progressive values and working to build a brighter future, is what she claims. She wants to be a part of the resistance to President Trump and those who support him.

Again she is pushing the narrative to fight bullying, hate, falsehoods and divisiveness. Same as her campaigning rhetoric. Folks, it didn’t work then, what makes her think it will work now?

If she can’t run a campaign on truth, which she showed in the past she can’t, then where is the logic in this?

According to sources she has already met with potential political donors and investors.

Now for a two timed failed candidate I would call this whole thing a political do-over and stupid. Most people realize that being stupid is only a category you get thrown into if you keep repeating the same failed actions. What do you think?

This tweet from Brian Fraser says it best

I agree 💯% with Brian Fraser, it’s all about the money🤑. I don’t believe the DNC would be that stupid to let her run again. Can she be President from a jail cell? Her followers and backers need to think real long and hard about that.


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