Supposed Comey Memo Blown Out Of the Water

May 19, 2017

Yesterday INFOWARS, you have to admire their patriotic love of America and our President Trump. They have just backed up what we all thought to be a bogus memo, that never existed in the first place.

Comey testified before Congress on May 3, 2017 in which he specifically answers a question, if anyone had ever tried to stop an investigation that the FBI was involved in.

He emphatically denies that this has happened….Watch the video below 

The deep state will lose this war through their never ending lies and fake news. People are awake and know exactly what they are trying to escalate in this country. We will not be a country that is taken down by a bunch of rag tag liberal Democrats or never-Trumpers! 

The majority voted fair and square, Donald Trump is our President. It’s time to stay together, stand up and fight for the continued freedom our forefathers fought for and never give up.

Sean Hannity had a wonderful, uplifting message for all patriots, a call to arms, if you will. He reiterated, along with Herman Cain, we need to let our President know we have his back. 

Most people are not aware that the White House has a phone number all Americans can call to tell him that we have his back, that we stand with him. The phone number is 202-456-1111. So, get on those phones and let him know we still stand behind him. Fight this awful witch hunt, that is actually bogging the country down. This is the political lefts agenda, to bring him down so that they can push their NWO, control the population, eventual taking away our rights, little by little.

[VIDEO] A Call To Arms, Fox News

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