Julian Assange “Will Not Forget Or Forgive”

On May 19, 2017 Julian Assange received fantastic news that he has been waiting for. Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ has dropped the rape, sexual assault case that was brought about in August 2010. With help from the United Nations he was able to get the charges dropped.

In 2014, he asked the UN, Human Rights body whether it was legal for the U.K. and Sweden to prevent him from leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy. The UN ruling has just come back, and the UN has sided with Assange. It’s not legally binding β€” the UK isn’t now required to let him go free, and has explicitly stated that it won’t β€” but Assange is likely hoping this will help him build a larger case for one day convincing the UK it should let him leave the embassy where he’s lived since 2012.

He seems happy in the above picture, but he says he will never forget or forgive them.

 He has a long way to go in convincing the U.K. to let him go free to the country of his choice.

There is also the matter of whether Julian is wanted in the United States for releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails and publishing classified material on the internet.

We have no way to know whether he is wanted in the U.S., but I am sure his attorney will find out. This is a very important matter that must be figured out before he attempts to leave.

If he tries to leave by helicopter on his way to the airport, they could ask the helicopter to bring him back. 

Police were not watching him as much in the later years, as it was reported by the Guardian, it was becoming to costly. But, make no mistake, he should not try to wing it on a prayer.

Pamela Anderson who has been supposedly dating Julian since last year responded to the case as soon as she got the news, by breaking the news via Wikileaks – followed up with a smiling potrait posted from Assange’s own account.

All of us on Twitter will be waiting to hear what the next step is in the Julian Assange Saga. Stay tuned folks! Follow him on Twitter @JulianAssange to keep up with the latest, breaking news, his web page is justice4assange.com.


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