Seems Like We Now Have The Name Of Seth Rich Murder Suspect 

Seems Like We Now Have The Name Of Seth Rich Murder Suspect 

May 23, 2017 – UPDATED 8/2/2017

UPDATED May 24, 2017, always check back, I will update this article as new information comes in. I am currently updating it everyday, so far.

UPDATED 7/3/2017 – Matt Couch and his team have been investigating the murder of Seth, his team has found out despite rumors/reports that Seth was on the phone with his girlfriend, they have found out that Seth and his girlfriend had broken up sometime before that terrible night when he was murdered. Also, an anonymous source has confirmed that Seth was bound, beaten, slammed to his knees, marks on his wrists consistent with handcuffs. The source did say it was not a CIA, NSA or any other intelligence hit. This murder was hired thugs.

Check out Matt’s Periscope channel, he has updates on Seth Rich.

They are arriving in Washington, D.C. to further investigate. I hope they find out the truth.

UPDATE 8/2/2017 many sites are reporting that Seth Rich was partying with members of the DNC the night he was shot. Among them was Imran Awan.

NEW UPDATE 5/30/2017, Kim Dotcom lawyers letter to Special Counsel, DOJ, Robert Mueller stating he is willing to provide the necessary evidence that Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks. He is also requesting safe passage, as he is worried about being arrested in the USA for past allegations.

Brief Timeline of events leading up to Seth Rich’s murder:

1. Sometime between 18-21 June, 2016 the DNC was hacked.

2. June 22, 2016 Wikileaks announces upcoming DNC email dump.

3. June 28, 2016 Meeting on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, then Attorney General. Of some interest: Judicial Watch had filed a Freedom of Information Act request in June seeking documents related to the visit, which took place on June 28, 2016, aboard Lynch’s private plane at the Phoenix airport. Keep this in mind as you read about the secret printed watermarks, later on in the article.

4.  July 5, 2016 Seth Rich is invited to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Joel Rich stated the date in an August 16 interview.

5. July 6, 2016 A Joseph Capone, owner of Lou’s City bar visits White House. Appointment was made on June 29, 2016.

6.July 10, 2016 Seth Rich was murdered

This information comes from Project NSearch  who has been in contact with men named Joe, Lou who have broken this case wide open.
These people are hackers that have claimed they were able to hack into Seth Rich’s gmail account. 

On May 19, 2017 Kim Dotcom tweeted to Google to turn over all Seth’s emails to Wikileaks.

Both the source and hacker/hackers fear that they could be in danger, but do not want to sit on this either. They strongly believe if we get this information out there, their chances of survival are greater.

From Anonymous:

Glen Canady who owns Project NSearch had an hour conversation with Anon, right before their eyes the information Anon was sharing with him was erased, recordings erased. This most likely is why Wikileaks informed us not to use 4chan, Reddit to paste any information you had on Seth’s murder, specifically they said to use Tor. Glen explains this is probably as a result of people knowing this information would come out.

From the emails that were hacked from Seth Rich’s account, they now have the proof he was the leaker talking with Wikileaks. As I pointed out earlier, Kim Dotcom tweeted out accounts that he knew were associated with Seth Rich, this was what Kim was trying to tell us, the fact these Hacks came hours later is no surprise.

They have also been able to tie the first officer that responded to the call, Robert Wingate-Robinson. It just so happens that Robert’s sister works for Hillary Clinton. They are considering a theory that he may have been the killer or cover up guy. Also important to note that the Police Chief Cathy L Lanier, of Washington, D.C. stepped down in August, 2016 to become head of security for the NFL. Coincidence you say? Remember when she said one of the reasons for resigning? “The city’s justice system is “broken,” beyond repair.” What did she know?

This report from Project NSearch goes on further to say that Seth Rich was identified as the leaker by the DNC through the secret printer watermarks. With these watermarks the FBI would be able to trace it back to Seth Rich, further proof he was the leaker.

Important to note that Seth was a Bernie supporter, but was hired by the Clinton campaign shortly after the tarmac episode. The money that the campaign was willing to pay this computer guru is what attracted him to the job. Otherwise, he didn’t much care for Hillary Clinton as evidenced in one of his tweets coming from his @Pandas4Bernie account that Kim Dotcom knew about.

Remember when there was a glitch in the Clinton’s campaign computer system. They tried to blame it on the Russians then, we know who did it, it wasn’t the Russians. The hack actually happened before those articles were written on the 29th of July, Seth was killed the 10th of July. Pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. Then in an article by Washington Post, they said they were not hacked. That’s the looney tunes Clinton’s and MSM for you. They can’t even seem to get cover up stories straight.

There is a timeline that Project NSearch relays on their website which explains the Clinton tarmac episode, and what was probably discussed/exchanged. Apparently Loretta Lynch and the FBI wanted image encrypted formats sent to them. I guess this is when they found the secret printer watermarks which lead them to Seth. This information was relayed to Bill Clinton on the tarmac, about four days later Seth was dead. They have so much more information, go to the source below. They seem like they are definitely onto something big! UPDATED INFORMATION ON THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN PROJECT NSEARCH AND HACKER LOU AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE.
Wow, I can now imagine why Hillary Clinton was freaking on election night when she lost.

[VIDEO] That goes along with this breaking story

Another source Liz Crokin who was recently on the Hagman Report, is now stating she recently went to the bar that Seth was last seen alive and found out from people there, no police ever came to ask questions. She started her career as a police investigative journalist and knows you always investigate the place they were last seen alive. She also reports when Wheeler was poking around to get to the bottom of who murdered Seth, Donna Brazile called police and the Rich family. Why would she do this? If it was your son or daughter, wouldn’t you want someone to get to the bottom of a death? I personally believe Brazile is hiding something. So, when the investigator, Rod Wheeler stated earlier that the police were told to stand down! Yup, this proves it!

Interesting to note, Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s brother is the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C. Could this be another reason as to why the D.C. Police stood down on the investigation?

In a new twist of events we now have a Federal Prosecutor, Beranton J Whisenant, Jr.,  who was investigating voter fraud found dead in Hollywood. Cause of death, blunt force trauma. 

Another important fact is that Podesta’s ex-sister in law is on the Washington, D.C. Police  Foundation Board. Guess that’s a coincidence, no I don’t think so, the rabbit hole is going deeper. All of the elites know the Mayors, Police Chiefs, Governors, whatever, they all travel in the same circle.

Be sure to watch Hannity maybe tonight on Fox News, he will have some breaking news on Seth Rich murder case.

May 23, 2017 statement presented on Twitter from Kim Dotcom:

My prediction about this information, Podesta will take the fall for Hillary, just like Weiner did, guaranteed. Weiner wasn’t going to turn States evidence. 

Now of course, this is why impeachment talk about President Trump has virtually been non-existent of late, the MSM, leftists talk/reporting has ground to a halt. We found that smoking gun, it’s the best proof you could possibly have. I do hope Special Counselor Mueller will issue a statement soon, thus putting an end to whispers about Trump’s ties with Russia, since we know the Wikileaks information, did in fact come from Seth Rich. 

Thank you Seth, you saved our country from Hillary Clinton corruption.🙏🏻RIP, you are a hero!


UPDATE: Aron Rich supposedly wrote a letter to Porter Berry, who is the lead producer at Fox News. Sean Hannity has taken a very strong stance in getting to the truth of Seth’s murder. Hannity has tweeted that he is closer to the truth and will report to us as he gets the information he is continually working on.

With Bill O’Reilly’s firing for what many consider to be suspicious since he was a supporter of our President, and finding the truth in Rich’s murder. Now, we may look at a repeat scenario in Hannity’s case. We need to stand by Sean, you can call Porter Berry at (212-301-3000), let him know you stand by Sean.

The above letter in my opinion was written because Seth’s father seems to think we are trying to say his son was some kind of mole, spy, if you will. When in fact he was a hero exposing corruption. I am convinced of this by an article that was written by none other than the Washington Post back in January 2017, in this article they were explaining Joel Rich’s reaction to the Trumpsters trying to get to the bottom of his son’s murder.  To prove what I am saying, here’s the excerpt from the article: ”

“The first instinct was to fight. He’d call their bluff. Come out swinging.”
“Prove it,” Joel Rich wanted to say.
“Prove my boy died because he was some kind of a mole, an email hacker, a cog in a conspiracy, a patsy in an international political intrigue.”
“Prove it!”

He definitely has a difference of opinion on how to go about exposing corruption. Instead, I believe he should be proud of his son for standing up to corruption. I can bet you he thinks Chelsea Manning is a traitor, don’t know this for sure, but he gives off those vibes to me.

As far as Joel’s families Democratic Party Crisis PR Consultant, Brad Bauman is concerned, I think he’s probably using them to help further coverup the biggest scandal in U.S. history. What a mess! 

When Rod Wheeler was investigating the death of Seth Rich, pulled off the case by the Rich family, was sent a cease and desist letter to stop. This was brought on, in my opinion by Donna Brazile. He made an appearance on on 5/23/2017, in which he makes the statement, he was getting very close to a motive for the murder. He also stated it has to do with Seth’s employer.

Hmmm, this is an interesting tweet from @tafrank👇

@tafrank’s answer to his tweet being circulated on Twitter:

Do you believe him when he says it was a coincidence? I know he supported and voted for Hillary Clinton. Here’s an excerpt from

If the above article in the tweet from @tafrank had been dated January 2017 instead of 2016, he might of been a person of interest. But, it sure was creepy 😣, we must continue to dig up anything we can, since the MSM will not. #justiceforSeth

The week of May, 29th, Kim Dotcom is to release his letter, of proof, to Special Counsel Mueller, to include the origin of the DNC leaks in the Russia probe in order to conclude the investigation.

Hagman Report, now claims via Infowars that the FBI and Washington D.C. Police have forensic evidence to tie Seth Rich to Wikileaks. Mr. Hagman has his own YouTube channel (, Hagman is a former Private Investigator who says that Rod Wheeler, who was told to stop investigating the Seth Rich murder, is a respected Private Investigator.

Do not lose hope, stand together for justice in Seth’s murder and the hope of bringing the person or persons brought to justice.

Liz Crokin interview with Hagman Report:


This very interesting bit of news comes from from When Seth Rich was brought into Medstar Health Washington Hospital Health Center, the Director of the Gold Surgery team, Dr. Jack Sava, would of been in charge of Seth’s operation, having direct access to Seth’s room after surgery at any time.

It seems the good doctor has many aliases; Jack Alfred Sava, a.k.a. Jack A Kountoupes, a.k.a. Jack A Ateljevich, is related to Lisa M Kountoupes, according to Radaris records.

The very interesting part, the name “Sava Ateljevich” appears on The 2008 Bohemian Grove guest list. For a short explanation of what Bohemian Grove is click here.

Both Jack Sava and Lisa Kountoupes appeared on the MV DSCC 2015 guest list, where Lisa was a co-host.

After surgery, surviving at least eight hours since he was brought in, then all of a sudden his ICU room was swarmed with law enforcement officers, everyone but the attending physician was kicked out of the room, could this be connected somehow? It is said by an anonymous person that no code alert or pulmonary resuscitation team was ever called. Did they not want him to talk to the police?

His death, after what is called a “routine surgery” leaves skeptics baffled as to why he died. These pieces of the puzzle must not be overlooked.

It has been discovered today, 5/25/2017 that Seth Rich had a Protonmail account. Some people believe that Seth may have used this to send emails to Wikileaks. But, it was my understanding that all information sent to Wikileaks was through Tor. He may have used it to communicate, only with Wikileaks.

Kim Dotcom has penned a letter dated May 25, 2017, to Aron Rich who is Seth’s brother. The letter has been shared exclusively with IBTimes UK. It talks about the ongoing disputes between Kim and the Rich family. 

Recently their have been accusations from people on the left, specifically speaking about planting evidence which Kim emphatically denies. He reiterates that he wants to get to the bottom of who killed Seth, as well as many others do. Kim has the evidence needed to put to rest the Russian ties narrative attached to the DNC emails, which were made available from Wikileaks online.


I reported earlier that Project NSearch and the hacker known as Lou had an interruption in their communications, thereby seemingly erasing everything on screens, etc…It is now being reported by Project NSearch that miraculously the information, communications were not erased, have been found.

You can now listen to the communication between Lou and Project NSearch. Make sure you listen from the 10 minute mark because some earlier transmission may be to garbled to understand.


Statement –

ER surgeon at Seth Rich’s hospital says his gun wounds were not fatal

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